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Washable Nappies – A Perfect Substitute for Disposable Nappies

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Washable nappies are a great alternative for parents who are concerned about environment and want to go green. Washable nappies are convenient, practical, chemical free, cost effective and a great substitute to disposable nappies.

Washable nappies are usually made of thick cotton cloth that can absorb well. These are typically made of towel and need a small kit that has safety pins, bucket, detergent, and drying facilities. Washable and reusable cotton nappies are user friendly and extremely comfortable for children.

Some amazing designs make the baby look cute, adorable and exceptionally beautiful. Most washable nappies are extremely porous, absorb for almost fourteen hours, and are ideal for nights. These nappies have nappy booster pads that work as extra absorbent. A good number of well-designed reusable nappies fit well and do not leak at all.

The washable cotton nappies are readily available in almost all stores and even online. Many dedicated online stores provide free shipping for a minimum amount of order and reach the customers between twenty four to forty eight hours. There are many branded cotton nappies available in the market today that comes in different sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. They are much more reasonable than the disposable nappies.

The washable, cotton organic nappies can even be a perfect gift for the new parents who are concerned about their child’s future and the environment. By using a washable nappy, you reduce your carbon footprints and at the same time control the usage of petroleum in your own little way. The garbage going out of your house is almost minimal and you save onto a lot of time, energy and of course money.

Nappy rash is under control largely with the usage of washable nappies. One just has to be careful while cleaning the nappy and then drying them up. Make sure that the baby nappies are clean and dried properly to avoid any kind of infections.

Reusable diapers can be stored in a dry diaper pail for about two to three days before they are soaked and washed. Just flush away the bio soft liner and stick the Velcro tabs to secure them. Usage of bleach for stains is not a good idea at all. Instead, try drying wet diapers in direct sunlight to get rid of all unwanted stains.

Some parents may not like to use the washable nappies while traveling as washing and drying may not be convenient while on move. In this case, try the ones with liners and carry a few extra nappies for a trip of a couple of days.

Washable nappies are truly eco friendly and a great addiction.


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