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Unique Baby Girl Names for the Unique Daughter Born to You

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The newborn baby girl must be given a unique baby girl name to identify her forever from others. There is always a great deal of excitement and in many families parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and well-wishers all sit together arguing and agreeing. The search is on for unique baby girl’s names.

In our search for unique baby girl’s names we stumble upon as many names as there are stars in the sky. The guiding forces are the family, societal compulsions and the trend of the times. Globalization has brought about a great leveling of cultures. Orthodox societies are opening up to names from various corners of the globe making it a grand party with unique baby girl’s names bobbing up and down written on colorful balloons. Now we find names crossing the boundaries of nations and making their home in unusual places.

Looking for a unique baby girl’s name? Here is a list. Write it down on slips of paper and jumble it up in jar. Take your pick. There are names like Hannah, Emily, Alexis, Sarah, Lauren, Samantha, Britanna, Olivia, Alexandra, Alexandria, Nicole, Sydney, Destiny, Amanda, Megan, Rachel, Amber, Pearl, Diamond, Jade, Julia, June, Brooke, Katelyn, Brittany, Rebecca, Kaylee, Jenna, Makayla, Jordan, Sheila, Melanie, Mia, Courtney, Trinity, Sabrina, Autumn or Shanti. If the preference is for rivers then the daughter might be named Indu after the mighty Indus, or Ganga, Kaveri or Narmada. The rivers belong to planet Earth and are not the monopoly of any one nation.

Shakespeare will perhaps laugh at this effort to find unique baby girl’s name. He said that no matter by what name you call a rose – a rose is a rose and will smell as sweet. It cannot be denied that by giving a unique name to the baby we hope to instill in it certain values that the name carries – values that will adhere to the person till its last days.

For instance any name associated with the mighty city of Alexandria will bring to the forefront not only the great metropolis but also one of the greatest rulers of all times who first ventured out on this path of globalization. The name Sheila means one who is self-disciplined. Brittany will conjure up images of Britain ruling the waves with the magic of the English language.

Names like pearls and diamonds dazzle with wealth. May the child never be in want. Trinity refers to the holy trinity of the Bible –the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The name will imbibe in the newborn spiritual powers that will be her guiding force through life. Shanti means peace. It is a unique universal name that will end all strife. A name is very important in that it enters the sub-conscious of the person. For a girl it is especially so because the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.


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