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Why There Is Type 1 Diabetes In Child Even If They Have A Healthy Lifestyle

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Type 1 diabetes in child is one of those diseases that changes the way in which the human body uses the glucose present in the body. Glucose is the most important and forms the majority of the sugars present in the body and is the main source of energy. The source of glucose is the food that we intake.

The food consumed in broken down into glucose and a number of nutrients. The pancreas secretes the hormone viz. insulin which is responsible to make the blood absorb the glucose and release the much needed energy. But, in case of persons suffering from diabetes, the body either cannot respond to insulin or can’t create it.

Without insulin, the glucose can’t be absorbed and so they remain in the bloodstream causing the sugar level in the blood to increase and become higher than the normal value. This high levels cause a large number of health problems.

The Type 1 diabetes is caused when pancreas can’t make insulin. In this case, the person’s immune system is responsible to attack and destroy the cells present in the pancreas that produces insulin. Once destroyed, insulin can never be produced again.

The type 2 diabetes in children is caused if the body is unable to use the insulin that is produced by the pancreas.

The risk of type 1 diabetes is more than any other chronic diseases of babyhood. The peak probability of development of the disease is around the time when puberty hits i.e. around 12 – 14 years for boys and 10 – 12 years in case of girls.

The type 1 diabetes is likely to run in the family i.e. it can be passed on down the generations and makes it more probable even in the siblings. Sisters and brothers of a person suffering from the type 1 diabetes have a 10 % chance of developing the disease by the time they reach the age of 50. Identical twin of a person with the disease has a 25 % chance to contract the disease.

The symptoms of diabetes in child can be like that in case of flu. The other symptoms are frequent urination, abnormal thirst, weight loss, getting tired easily etc. The first child diabetes symptom is bedwetting. In cases of children with diabetes, doctors should immediately be consulted.

The worst part here is that it’s not possible to prevent Type 1 diabetes and also there is no way to foresee it either. Once a person has it, it cannot go away and a lifelong treatment is required. Persons suffering from it require external dosage of insulin from injections or pumps.

Scientists and doctors are trying to devise better ways to deal with diabetes in children. Until the methods are perfected parents can encourage their children eat properly, at the same time making sure they eat and exercise properly every day. This will help the kids to feel less insecure and become well adjusted to their situation of type 1 diabetes in child.

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