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Traveling With a Newborn to 10 Month Old Baby Trip Preparation is More Difficult than the Journey Itself

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Traveling with a newborn to 10 month old baby requires planning and preparation as a newborn baby needs non-stop attention for feeding, diaper changes and care. Fear of infection is another worry for parents. Generally, while planning a holiday with babies, parents prefer to travel short distance from their homes.

Health and safety kits need to be prepared for in-transit minor medical problems or emergencies. It is advisable to fill-out a medical sheet containing contact details, doctors’ references and child health information. A hat to act as a sunshade in warm weather or keep the child’s head bundled in cool weather is another prerequisite.

While traveling in car, the baby should ride in the backseat with seat belts correctly threaded to ensure complete security. Removable sunscreen for the car side windows need to be installed to shield their eyes. While traveling in public transport such as train, bus or taxi, a car seat should be carried.

For air transport, an FAA approved car seat is the safest way for carrying babies. If babies experience ear pain from air pressure changes during take off and landing, it is advisable to breast feed or allow the baby suck on a bottle or pacifier. In case of long journeys where time zones are crossed, the baby’s sleeping and feeding schedule needs to be adjusted few days ahead of the planned departure.

In case the baby is not breast fed, ready to use formula is the most convenient alternative. For babies on solid food, a bib that is large enough to cover most of the outfit with a plastic water proofing should be packed. Diapers, diaper rash lotion and clothes are mandatory for babies. Diaper cover provides added insurance against leaks and disposable bags for dirty diapers must be carried. An extra set of clothes for mother and child should be kept in an accessible spot in a carry-on bag.

A few well chosen pieces of travel gear help to smoothen the journey. For young babies, a lightweight buggy and for newborn, a baby carrier would be useful. Lightweight folding strollers and car seats are extremely handy allowing sleeping babes to be moved. To keep hands free, front carriers or slings for carting small babes can be utilized while baby backpacks could be used for those who can sit up. If stays in hotels or motels are necessary, it is advisable to inform them to arrange for cribs and other baby necessities. However, the other option is to carry play yards or portable beds.

How to get your toddler to listen during long travels is a constant anxiety for parents. In such cases, a goody bag with few toys such as rattles, teething rings, soft animals or musical toys keep the child quiet, occupied and entertained. Traveling with a newborn to 10 month old baby becomes a great and pleasant challenge for parents.

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