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The Most Important Top 10 Ways to Become a Better Dad

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It has now become necessary that fathers understand a few top 10 ways to become a better dad because those days are gone when the mother was solely responsible for the overall upbringing of the child.

The first way that comes to mind is to spend a greater amount of time with your kid. Either you spend time with your kid now or watch him fly away as he grows up. Time comes first. Quality time comes next. Once you have planned the time to give to your child, then, look at ways to make the most and best of this time.

The second way to become a better dad is to take an interest in what the kid is doing. Kids are smart and can tell when the dad is actually interested in what they are doing. They will respond to daddy once they understand that what they do is important to dad. If they can see that dad does not consider their activities and concerns as important, they will take it as a lack of support.

Third is to participate with the children in their activities. Just try and study, play and participate in their activities and see the difference. Any child would love to have the feeling that his day to day activities are as interesting to his dad as it is to him. He immediately gets a friend.

Fourth, trust the kid. He is one small guy, facing the whole wide world and the only person he feels safe with is you. Repose the same trust in him. When he makes a mistake, try and get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it.

Do not blame the kid without full investigation. In case the fault is with the child, try and understand the circumstances. Give the child the understanding so that he can cope with similar situations better.

Another way would be to eat at least one meal together everyday as this is the time when you are most relaxed and you can simply chat with your kid over a meal.

Next be with the kids at bed time. This is the time when they like to be calmed down after an active day. They need to be re-assured that their parents are there just before slipping off to sleep.

To become a loving father to your kids, making a habit of reading aloud to the child at bedtime everyday will give him a sense of steadiness as well as enjoyment.

Praying together is another way of bonding with the child.

Lay down basic rules and be firm, but not inflexible about them.

Get to know his friends and involve yourself in some activity together with them.

These are a few top 10 ways to become a better dad and following them will definitely bring your relationship with your child forward.

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