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Toddlers Vomiting – A Common Sight in Childhood

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Baby Vomiting is very Common, Don't be PanicToddlers vomiting can be a distressing sight for parents as they feel most helpless watching their child vomit out food or liquid. But, toddler vomit is a common occurrence in infancy which may carry on to early childhood and its part and parcel of bringing up a child.

Almost all babies vomit several times during their infancy or childhood and in the majority of the cases it is because of a viral gastrointestinal infection. Most of the time there is no need to worry. The real cause for worry begins if the infant vomit becomes very frequent or is accompanied by fever or dehydration.

Some common causes for vomiting in infants from 0-6 months may be due to milk intolerance or food allergies, gastroenteritis which involves infection of the digestive tract leading to vomiting along with diarrhea. Infant vomiting may also be due to carelessness in the case of bottle-fed babies wherein the hole in the bottle nipple may be the wrong size leading to overfeeding.

A runny nose or some other infection accompanied by fever may also cause toddlers vomiting. A congenital cause may be ascribed to some cases of infant vomiting where the infant has pyloric stenosis which is a constriction in the opening from the stomach. This causes an otherwise healthy infant to vomit with force after each feeding.

Some intestinal obstruction may be the underlying cause of vomiting which is evidenced by frequent bouts of vomiting, crying and screaming as if in severe pain. Parents sometimes blame this condition for frequent bouts of vomiting in their children but usually it is because of some simple stomach virus.

An inborn error of metabolism is also responsible for some cases of babies vomiting. Ingesting a drug or poison by accident may lead to vomiting in toddlers. If poison is suspected call the doctor immediately.

Most babies trying out solid food for the first time have the tendency to spit out more than they can swallow which worries the parents as they see it as vomiting. But, this is only because of the new unfamiliar taste of the food and babies will soon settle down once they get used to solid food.

Parents in their zeal to keep their infants from getting dehydrated because of vomiting, end up giving more fluids than required. This may only worsen the situation. Experts recommend that babies should be given small amounts of fluid at a time as vomiting babies can only tolerate a few teaspoons at a time instead of several ounces altogether. The quantity can be increased very gradually.

Toddlers vomiting are not a serious condition most of the time but if the frequency increases or there are other problematic symptoms, immediate medical attention is necessary.

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