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Why Toddler Rash Guards Are A Must Buy

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Toddler rash guards are one of the best things you can get for your little ones, especially when they have sensitive skin that is prone to rashes and break outs. Rash guards are easy to wear and are gentle on the child’s tender skin, and they can also well take care of their comfort in the harshest environmental conditions. What else could you ask for?!

The good thing about rash guards for kids is that they are designed using the most technologically advanced materials- that allow the skin to breathe easy while keeping the skin under heavily guarded protection. It is a good idea to opt for such rash guards that have a low crew neckline, so that the neck line stays protected.

The factors to look out for while buying these rash guards are the waist hem and the hem on the sleeve end- especially in cases of long sleeve toddler rash guard outfits. Make sure they have a stretch feature that allow the kids to slip into the outfit easily, and are tight enough to ensure that the rash guard does not keep slipping up or down your baby’s body- since that would expose their skin to sunlight around those areas of skin, defeating the very purpose of the rash guard. Children’s rash guards designed on the four way stretching- Lycra fabrics are the best possible options you can have.

Usually these guards are designed in anti rash – Lycra fabrics. This not only ensures that the clothes are extremely soft and comfortable on the skin, but also that the style is not compromised with when you are protecting your toddler against sun burns and rashes.

Thus you can be well assured of the fact the kid’s rash guard clothes look like your everyday normal outfits so that your kids do not have to compromise on their cuteness and their special baby-style-statements ever! Rash guards are also available in bright colors that fascinate the kids, and also sometimes in cartoon and animal prints to ensure that they never say ‘no’ to them.

If you are buying toddler rash guards for the first time, it might help you to know that rash guards are often classified according to the amount of UPF and the SPF protection they allow in the sunlight. Thus, just like your sunscreen lotions, the formula of ‘the more the better’ applies. However, much also depends on the place you live in and the amount of sun light you are exposed to. For instance, those living in a place exposed to heavy direct sun rays would need higher SPF protection as compared to those living in places where sunlight is more indirect and milder.

So what are you waiting for? Get toddler rash guards for your children today, and let them enjoy their outdoor play time just like they deserve to!


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