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Toddler Pillows – Gifts of Love

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If you want to give a gift to your child or a friend’s child, put toddler pillows on the top of your list.

Children almost always need to have something that makes them feel secure and special like dolls, blankets, toys and pillows. By giving your child his very own toddler pillow, you are not simply giving a gift; you are making a statement that the child is very special to you because you want him to have his very own, personal toddler pillow.

For a child, a personal toddler pillow provides a sense of security and peace that is necessary in order to get a good night’s sleep. In choosing a toddler pillow, make sure that it is not too soft nor too hard, choose something in between. Make sure your child can carry it with him wherever he goes (even if it’s just around the house) and even if he joins you on a road trip or a vacation.

Having their own toddler pillow makes small children feel safe and relaxed even if your child sleeps over at a relative’s house or a friend’s for the weekend. It can do wonders by easing their worries, especially when traveling long distances. Every time our family goes on a long drive to visit friends and relatives in another city, the one thing my children do not forget is to take their toddler pillows with them. It gets first priority when it’s time to load up the family car with the bags of clothes and snacks that we would need while driving.

Toddler pillows do not need to be one particular shape; they can be any shape or size. If you want to make it more special for your child, you can have your child’s name embroidered on the cover to make him proud that his name is emblazoned on his pillow for everybody to see.

You can shop for toddler pillows in stores that sell beddings and bedroom furnishings, either online or in department stores. The choices are simply endless when it comes to color, design, materials and shapes of toddler pillows available.

My sister, who now lives in France, brought her pillow with her when she went off to college, got married and relocated in France. The last time I heard from her, she still has her toddler pillow and it’s the number one accessory in her bedroom she can’t do without!

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