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Creative Ways to Use Toddler Hair Bows

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Handmade Beautiful Baby Hair BowsToddler hair bows are the cutest hair accessories that you can get for a little girl child. A nicely made bow resting on one side of their head not only adds to the fine delicacy of their facial features but also reminds you of their innocence.

So if you and your baby love hair bows too and simply cannot get enough of them, here are some creative things you could do with these stylish hair accessories! Read ahead…

  • Instead of wearing hair bows as hair accessories, try to use them for accessorizing other things for a change. You can easily pin it up to the frock, on a single sleeve of the dress, or even on the socks or shoes! Baby hair bows can also be pinned up on their belts, scarves and hats to make them stand out. You can try to have matching hair bows or bows in contrasting colors. Both look great on kids.
  • You can also pin up or stitch other baby hair accessories to the bows for a different look. For example, you can attach small baby clips to the bow or simply put two to three hair beads in the middle of the bow while tying it up.
  • You can also do the opposite that is, pinning up the bow to another hair accessory. For instance, you can stick it to a hair band and let the baby wear them together. Alternatively, you can also attach the bow to a ribbon and tie it up around the baby’s head to make a bow-hair band.
  • A number of very small bows pinned up in a cluster on your child’s hair will also look great. However make sure that the bows are extremely small so that it looks neat on the toddlers little head. You can try a mix of two to three colors or stick to just one color that makes your baby look adorable.
  • Another very good thing to do with babies’ hair bows is to pin up a bow to a bow and wear them together. For this take two bows- one really big, and one about half the size of the larger bow. Pin up the second bow to the first one joining them at the middle, for a new look.

However, as you try the above ideas, do not forget that they can often get somewhat uncomfortable for the children. Hair bows for babies must always be used in the most delicate way, so that the hair does not pull or cause uncomfortable itching. Under all circumstances, tie it lightly even it means that the bow keeps slipping off later.

Remember, toddler hair bows are only meant to make babies look good, not take away their comfort for the sake of style.

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