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Understanding Toddler Discipline

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Parenting effectively is often the hardest task any person can undertake, and yet many parents are quite oblivious when it comes to how to go about instilling discipline into their children. There are a vast amount of toddler discipline approaches which abound in our modern times, and many contain very helpful and important information.

It is important to approach your particular child as a unique individual while at the same time laying the ground rules of who is actually in charge in the home. Children learn at a very young age how to manipulate and control their parents in order to get their way in a situation. Therefore, taking care of toddler discipline while the child is still quite young is a very important step to a child’s future life and well-being.

Discipline is a Necessary Part of Learning and Growing Up

Very often, majority of today’s parents are undecided whether they should discipline their children or not because of the unfounded notion that disciplining children suppresses the child’s natural inquisitiveness or the mistaken belief that children would not understand the reason for the parents’ actions of disciplining them.

What most new parents fail to realize is that as soon as a child can speak a word or two articulately, they can and are able to understand already. At this stage, children can already differentiate right and wrong at a very elementary level. Failing to enforce discipline on children makes it harder for them when they grow up and become teenagers and adults.

It is at a young age that discipline, respect, trust and compassion are taught not at a later age when a child has already formed a set of rules and understanding about the world and the environment.

Most parents misconstrue discipline with punishment, which is not the case. Parents can and should use a range of discipline approaches for toddlers, not just one or two. The most important thing is to explain to your toddler the importance or discipline and why there are rules to be observed and followed, that breaking the rules have a corresponding penalty. If you have to, you can spank your child but it should be done sparingly and with good judgment, never on an everyday basis.

Teach your child the importance of discipline through the tried and tested method of talking to him in order to get the best results, never by intimidating or making your child afraid of you. Fear can be outgrown whereas respect can not.

Always resolve a problem situation with your child with calmness, determination and patience. Never waver when a decision to punish has been made and always show your child that your main interest is his well-being as an individual. Along with discipline, you should also show love, patience, and understanding and respect so that your child will easily comprehend what is expected from him as a human being later on.

Your child has to be aware that discipline is good for them so that they will respect the boundaries of freedom that you set. Both parents and children should realize that discipline is a clear sign of caring and love.

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