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Raising Your Preschool Toddler Boy

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Frustration and nerve wracking are generally the most common descriptions parents come up with when discussing the ins and outs of raising a toddler. However, raising a toddler boy is a fun and rewarding experience, if you know how to effectively prepare yourself with ideas and activities that will keep your little boy occupied so that he can channel the excess energy into constructive activities.

You can use these constructive activities as a bonding experience and have fun at the same time while allowing your little bundle of energy to explore and experience new things while playing games.

Be Observant

The first thing you should do is determine what activities may interest your toddler as not all boys have the same interests. You have to conscientiously observe your little boy for quite some time to gather enough information about his preferences for games, toys and activities.

Do not rely on what your child tells you because it is highly unlikely he can accurately articulate what really interests him, it is better to use careful observation to determine his likes and dislikes. Based on your observations, you can then put together a schedule of fun activities that both of you can engage in so that you can cultivate your child’s mind to be sharp and active while having fun with what he likes to do.

Having Fun While Learning

Regardless of what activity your toddler boy is interested in, you can devise and play games that are educational without being boring, repetitive and especially, one that does not appear to be a lesson of sorts. Most toddlers do not enjoy being taught at an early young age, more so if the activity seems more like a chore than a play activity.

Therefore, being able to incorporate learning into the games you play will make your toddler boy enjoy his playtime and look forward to learning basic skills at the same time. You can incorporate numbers, letters and colors into everyday play activities. You can teach your toddler how to put blocks into a pail or container one at a time as you call out the number of blocks to be put away. You can also count toes, fingers, eyes, other body parts, fruits and toys.

Incorporating how to read, spell or the different sounds can be accomplished through everyday objects identification while taking a walk, going for a drive or even while at the supermarket. For instance, when your toddler boy points out an animal, you can say the word and then spell it out. This gives your youngster the learning opportunity to associate letters and words with visual pictures and real life objects and animals in the environment. Soon, he will be able to point something out and say the exact word (or words) that describe(s) it.

Colors can also be introduced in similarly by saying a particular color aloud when your son points at an object. Doing this on a regular basis and making it fun results in your child learning about numbers, letters and colors in very little time, without him ever feeling that he has been forced to learn a thing!

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