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Tips on How to Talk to Your Child About Sex and the Changes That the Body Undergoes

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You may wonder How to talk to your child about sex because talking to a child about sex and sexuality becomes at times uncomfortable if your parents had not done with you. But reviews say children who are comfortable talking to their parents about such issues do not indulge in such high risk behavior, than children who cannot talk to their parents.

At this age that is 20th century children know everything so it is best to guide the children with true facts so that they do not go in the wrong direction. If at times we do not know the answer there is no harm admitting it and saying we shall find out together.

Talking to a child about sex is a very sensitive issue and it needs proper information which should be delivered in a gentle way. The information should be imparted from a very tender age.
For example when teaching the child the names of different parts of the body the inclusion of the private parts of a boy and a girl should also be there. Teaching a child according to the age he or she is and adding more information as the child grows gradually helps to understand the matter well.

Like the changes that a body undergoes as we grow is because body have a very special chemical called the hormone which decides what the child will be. As a boy grows he gets hair on his body and his voice becomes gruff while the girls develop breasts and the hips gets rounder.

Knowing the biological facts about sex is as much important as knowing about the care, responsibility and concern that involves out of sex. It is very important to discuss the emotional aspect of a sexual relationship with children as through this way they get better informed and do not give in to pressure that is around them.

As the children begin to grow at times they get very scared as well as confused seeing the changes that their body goes through. At this stage it is important to talk to the girl child about all the things that the child shall undergo on the way to puberty like menstruation as well as body changes in case of a boy.

Some parents do not feel comfortable talking to their children about sex especially if the child is of the opposite sex. In such a situation it is best for both the parents to deal with the children. The father can explain everything to the son and the mother to the daughter.

Knowing all the answers to the queries of the child is not as important as the way we respond to the query. If our knowledge is less but we convey the message across that we can talk about anything under the sun freely at home, including sex the child feels confident and does not get misguided. These are few useful tips for the issue “How to talk to your child about sex”.

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