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Signs of Teething Diarrhea in Young Infants

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Baby Suffers Teething DiarrheaAs the child grows up the parents are faced with several problems. Every developmental change is characterized by a new problem. With the onset of the teething period, the child suffers from diarrhea. Both the mother and baby suffer from the troublesome teething diarrhea.

Doctors feel that actually the two are not connected. During the teething time the child often has loose stool and this worries the parents. It is believed that while the child is in the mother’s womb he gains a certain degree of immunity. After birth this level diminishes and results in diarrhea. It is also true that the babies tend to bite at almost anything they can lay their hands on, thus eating germs too. Diarrhea is a direct result of this.

There are various effects of teething in babies. It is noticed that teething age in babies differ greatly. Some children begin teething at the age of five months, while others may begin ten months later. A characteristic of this age is that children salivate profusely and this breaks up the food, diluting them while mixing acids. This diluted food passes out as stool more frequently than normal. The acids that pass along with the stool burn the tender skin of the baby and this gives rise to rashes.

The most effective way to deal with this situation is by changing the food pattern of your baby. Carrots, bananas, rice are good for diarrhea while prunes, apricots, peaches and pears are detrimental to the child’s health. To treat baby diarrhea, give your baby bilberries and blueberries as well.

A good treatment for infant teething is the mild homeopathic medicine. It is only the doctor’s prescribed medicine that is to be given to the infant. No matter how confident you may be, do not try your own choice of medicines on the baby. An alternative to this can be the chamomile. Its soothing effects on the nerves can put an irritable child to sleep. Boiled chamomile mixed in the tea can be given to your baby, in small doses, in his own bottle.

The common mistake that mothers make is to connect infant vomiting to diarrhea. In fact often it is seen that a viral infection can result in vomiting too. The best thing to do is to get a doctor’s advice. It is useless to leave the disease unidentified and administer wrong medicines. This may aggravate matters and the baby may develop serious ailments from it. Experts believe that babies undergo a stressful period while they are teething.

This stress makes them fall an easy prey to diseases. Their tender bodies are not strong enough to ward off the ailments. This is why a visit to the doctor is so very important.


4 Responses to “Signs of Teething Diarrhea in Young Infants”
  1. Anna Allen says:

    Whenever i have diarrhea, i just take some Diatabs or Imodium tablets and it gives me some relief after a few minutes.”`

  2. John Ali says:

    one time i got diarrhea attack while riding on a long bus trip, it really sucks”**

  3. diarrhea is far from deadly but it is sure hell annoying and it sucks :

  4. zahira says:

    i have my baby,he is 11and 23 days,and now the front tooth appeare ,so i feel surprise,because all babies teeth start growing from the bottom,i need answere ,is this normal or not?

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