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Teen Relationship Help – For Confused Teenagers and Distraught Parents

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Teen relationship help is the most common appeal of all teenagers at some time or the other in their teenage years. Adolescence is a turbulent period when the hormones are busy turning the teenager’s body into that of a stranger’s and to add to the chaos, new emotions are churning up and turning the world upside down. Teen relationships are one of the major teen issues to deal with as at this stage teens are under the grip of their emotions which often make them confused.

When we talk of teen relationships, we automatically assume that it is to do with love or sex. But, teen relationships can take on many forms like friendship between teens of the same gender (as in just friends), between the opposite sex as in boyfriend-girl friend or between teens and others of the same/different age/gender or relationships between the teens and the parents.

Teen friendships form the most important part of their growing up years. Their friends are the most important people to them and if they get hurt in these relationships it takes a long time for them to cope with it.

Close friendships are forged during this period which may or may not last for a lifetime. If this close friendship turns sour, it is possible that some may take this to heart and it may start affecting other aspects of that person’s life. It is here that teen relationship help experts (if parents cannot manage) can be of aid to the hurt teenager. They can help him to see things in clearer perspective. Sometimes, the going away of a friend or a death can affect the teen very seriously. If not helped to come to terms with his grief, it may turn into a grave problem.

Sometimes, these friendships are frowned upon by parents if they fear that their child is getting into the wrong company. But, at this point of time, friends are all that matter to teenagers and many a clash with parents has taken place because of this friendship.

The parent-teen relationship is a delicate one and which has to be handled with love, trust and tact. The best way to cement this relationship is to always keep the line of communication open. It is one of the most effective forms of teen relationship help and it cannot be stressed enough. Talk and listen to your child; let them have the assurance that your support is always there.

Love relationships can become the high points as well as the low points of many teens. Most of the complications in this relationship arise because basically the teens are not mature enough to handle the differences in personalities and tastes.

One must remember that in teenage years everything is either a catastrophe or a boon. There is no middle ground. Emotions run high and the teens are perpetually in a mental state of confusion and uncertainty. Counselors or any close adults can be of help to them in this regard.


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  1. Great article on teen relationships with parents & vice verse. Parenting is no doubt a thankless job, with many ups and downs during the parenting years, yet effective communications, maintaining good , friendly relation with your child helps parents. I would recommend parents that spend good quality time with your teens, that will help you in better understanding them & their priorities etc.

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