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How to Master the Basics of Teaching Infant Sign Language

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Parents can think of teaching infant sign language to the toddler while watching a baby trying to express his feelings. In the first few months a baby can not express his feelings and desires in words. This is because the development of speech in a baby lags behind his cognitive abilities. The infant sign language enables a baby to express his feelings through the co ordination of body parts like hands and eyes.

The parents of a baby can resort to teaching baby signs to the toddler so that he can learn common activities before he can speak. The baby sign language can be mastered by parents without much difficulty. To aid the learning process the parents of a baby can begin with a few simple words. As the baby picks up the language, they can include more words. Ideally, the parents should start teaching baby sign language to their toddlers after the babies are six to eight months old.

The proponents of infant sign language think that it is beneficial both for the parents and the toddlers. Babies usually resort to crying when they feel hungry or wet the bed. If the parents start teaching toddlers sign language they will understand what the baby needs precisely through the signs.

From the latest researches, other benefits of teaching babies sign have become evident. The babies who are given sign language lessons usually develop stronger IQs than other babies. They also learn speaking faster compared to the babies who are not given sign language instructions.

To make the baby happier and get rid of tantrums the parents can consider baby signs teaching infants. Initially, parents can use the need based words like ‘drink’, ‘eat’, ‘hug’ to impart sign language instructions to the kids. To grab the attention of the baby and make him excited, words like ‘doll’, ‘cat’ can be used.

Patience is required on the part of the parents while teaching baby sign languages for todlers. It is quite commonplace for the babies to pick up the words after repeated attempts. To make the baby learn the sign language better parents need to be consistent and patient with their efforts. The time for learning the basics of sign language can vary among the toddlers.

Babies picking up baby sign language well may learn 60 words before they can use speech capabilities. There is no limit as such for teaching sign language to toddlers. It depends on the receptive abilities of the baby and the willingness of the parents. After a baby picks up the gestures for common words, the parents can try teaching simple sentences. Parents should look at teaching infant sign language as an enjoyable but useful activity that aids the learning capability.


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