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Sharpen Your Mental Faculties With Sudoku Puzzle Games!

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Sudoku puzzle games have become hugely popular in recent times evoking the hysteria which used to be associated with that other numbers games, the Rubik cube! Sudoku is a puzzle game which involves numbers placement and is enjoyed by both adults and children alike. In fact, it can be termed as a sort of cool maths games for kids!

Sudoku has a huge fan following and as a result free sudoku puzzles are found almost everywhere from newspapers, magazines to textbooks. It is not unusual to find commuters thoroughly engrossed in solving sudoku puzzles while to and fro from work.

Sudoku Puzzle Games - Cool Maths Games for KidsSudoku is a type of math games puzzles since it is based around the placement of numbers in a series of grids. One big 9 x 9 grid holds 9 smaller grids which are actually 3 x3 grids. The numbers 1 to 9 have to be put into each of the squares in such a way that no number is repeated in the same column or row and appears only once in the same row.

It is not exactly pure maths since no additions, subtractions, multiplications or divisions are required but since numbers are in play it is somewhat related to maths puzzles. Sudoku is the kind of number puzzle which can be enjoyed without being an expert in maths.

This puzzle can be played at different levels of difficulty; hence they range from easy sudoku puzzles to more complex levels making it difficult to solve while keeping the rules of the game the same.

Sudoku puzzles for kids is a great way to get your child interested in the numbers games without the fear associated with maths even though it is unrelated to pure maths. It offers mental challenge, excitement and loads of fun. Children can develop something more than mere numerical skills when hooked to sudoku.

Cognitive assessment, elimination, logical thinking and analysis are some of the processes learnt while playing the game. Cognitive assessment takes place because the child has to identify numbers in specific rows and has to retain them in order to arrive at the correct answer.

Elimination takes place as the child has to cut out those numbers which have already appeared once in order to arrive at the right numerical answer. Logical thinking is developed as the child has to employ deduction and induction skills for the correct answer. The child learns to analyze by using the process of elimination and then trying to fit in the right number in the grid.

Sudoku puzzle games sharpen the reasoning skills and mental faculties and one can ease themselves into the game beginning with the easy entry level and going on to more complex, difficult levels.


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