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Star War Legos – Hours of Pure Entertainment

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Star war legos is an elaborate construction toy set consisting of over 1000 pieces and ensures endless hours of activity for children. Aimed primarily for the age group of 9 to 14, the star war legos set nevertheless enamors the young and the old alike.

Although parents may get apprehensive at the thought of those thousand pieces scattered all over the house, they should bear in mind the advantages of such a mammoth indoor activity vis-a vis the hassles; imagine being able to keep their child/children occupied fruitfully on a rainy day for hours together without having the children resort to the cacophony of blaring TVs or music system or spending hours hunched in front of the computer!

Starwars Lego for KidsThe star wars legos toys is also an extremely useful instrument to keep children and their visiting friends busy if the weather turns inclement and prevents outdoor fun. The long summer vacations stretch in front of the parents interminably and along with it the dread of hearing the constant complaints of the kids, ‘I/we are bored; what to do?’

Starwars legos will solve this problem in a jiffy; besides, keeping boredom at bay, this construction toy set encourages deftness, nimbleness of motor functions as in fitting tiny pieces together along with the more obvious mental stimulation of trying to figure out which pieces will go where and arriving at the correct picture.

The television series of ‘Star War: The Clone Wars’ is the inspiration for the troop transporter of the star war legos republic attack gunship. The set has everything to delight the child’s heart; flick missiles, cannons, spy droids, doors that open, healing room and a removable command station. It also contains seven small figures comprising of Sith lord Asaji Ventress, Plo Kloon, Obi- Wan Kenobi along with four Clone troopers.

Lego builders can also avail of the bay at the back to deploy the speeder bike. A healing chamber is there to provide rest and relaxation for characters that are in need of it after the injuries of hard-won battle.

The figures can be armed with a lightsaber in Sith Red or Jedi Blue by the star warriors. Imagine the fun of being able to recreate their favorite star war series right in the comfort of their own home; no wonder this construction toy set has been lapped up by kids all across the world and is still a best selling item in toy stores.

The star war legos comes with detailed instructions and the minutest of parts and is considered to be one of the best gifts for kids as Christmas presents or birthday presents and far outdoes the standard gifts of normal toys or electronics.

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