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How to Choose Unusual or Rare Baby Names for Boys or Girls

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All parents want their children to have rare baby names to set them apart from the rest of all the other children.

Although parents have a good reason to prefer a more distinctive name for their children and give unusual baby names like Jemimah or Beyonce, they sometimes overlook how the name would affect their child in the latter years.

Finding rare baby boy names or rare baby girl names is not easy and is relatively a very hard endeavor as parents have to consider a lot of factors. In searching for a rare baby name for your child, you have to take into consideration factors like how the chosen name would go with your surname, the name you choose need not only be distinctive but it should also not be funny (otherwise your child would become the butt of jokes when he/she grows up). A golden rule for unique baby names is to keep it short; make it easy to memorize and write down so that other people will easily remember it.

Make sure that the unique baby name or rare baby name you choose is something that your children would be proud of for the rest of their lives.

Tips to Help you Come up with Baby Names

Avoid names that are complicated to spell. Make it simple and easy to remember. The name you choose will define your child’s future so be very careful about it; what’s cute at age 5 may not be cute anymore by the time your child is a teenager or an adult.

If you will use foreign names, make sure you know its etymological background. Examples of foreign names are Ludwig, Jose or Esteban for baby boy names and Concepcion, Svetlana or Feliza for baby girl names.

Experiment with joining the father’s and mother’s name and see what you come up with. Optionally, you can combine the letters of your names to arrive at a unique baby name for your child like such as Jegh for an anagram of the names Justin, Eugene, George and Heidi.

You can also try to create anagrams from a combination of the parent’s names to come up with a new name like Gabriel Timothy for an unusual nickname of GT! A friend of mine combine her name with her husband’s and named their daughter Yolcea Rose, from Yolanda and Ceasar, and nicknamed her Boom-Boom! Boom-Boom is now a dentist and you can imagine how she feels about her name! But her patients simply love going to her because of her unique nickname!

You can also use the name of a place, seasons or flowers as your baby’s name. Most common of these types of names are Denver, Paris, Dakota, September, April, Rose and the like.

Try to change the spelling of a name by changing/adding/subtracting 1 or 2 letters at the most like Michael to Michal or Ruben to Reuben! Other examples are Kris for Chris

You may also want to use historical or Biblical names for your child. There are a lot of names you can choose from if you elect to go this route. Examples are David, Samuel, Daniel, Gabriel or Timothy.

If you will use a familiar first name for your child, combine it with a unique second/middle name.

After making the final choice, do the following quality assurance steps to make doubly sure that you are not going to embarrass your darling baby in the future.

Say the name aloud at different voice levels to make sure that the chosen name is euphonically pleasing.

Make sure that the First Name-Surname combination does not result into a funny phrase!

Finally, visualize your child at the age of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 to make sure that the name you have decided to give him/her is timeless.

Whatever and whichever rare baby name you decide on for your child, do not forget that it is about the child and not you. Never give an unusual name to your child simply because it is the fad of the season. Always bear in mind that the name you give will last for a lifetime (unless he/she decides to change it). You should therefore be very careful in choosing baby boy names or baby girl names when it’s time to give a name to your darling baby.


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