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Preschool Art Projects – See the World from your Child’s Perspective

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Children have a unique way of describing the world around them – through preschool art projects and drawings almost all parents graciously allow their children to do.

Aside from teaching their preschoolers basic arithmetic and word-object association, one of the most common recreation and entertainment activity give to their children is to engage them in preschool art projects – drawing, painting, coloring even sculpture through the use of modeling clay and building bricks.

Most parents see their children’s preschool achievements such as artwork, crafts, clay sculptures, ceramic painting projects and the like as an indicator of their child’s native ability. However, in most cases, it is actually not a measurable factor of a child’s success in the future. Most preschool art projects are simply an expression of how a child sees the world around him and how he relates to it. It is therefore not advisable for parents to pin their hopes and aspirations on a child’s preschool projects unless the child happens to be a prodigy and exceptionally gifted.

What children do in their preschool years are indicative not of their artistic inclinations but as their way of sharing with adults how they see things, objects, animals (in fact everything) around them and how they interact with them in their innocence.

Parents should learn to appreciate the effort, thought and perseverance their children put in creating their preschool art projects and other related things if they want to enhance their child’s emotional and intellectual capability. Why? Because this is what children need most, acceptance and the knowledge that their efforts are appreciated no matter how basic or simple their masterpiece may be.

Criticism should be done away with by parents and replaced with encouragement, guidance, appreciation and unwavering support in order to make their children stronger not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. Never compare your child’s preschool art projects with those of others as this would definitely damage the child’s self-esteem and confidence in communicating and relating with the people around him.

Simply show how gladly you appreciate their work and encourage them to do more to make them happier and contented as children and you will surely contribute to making a better adult in the future.

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