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For Warmth During Pregnancy – Pregnant Electric Blanket

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The use of pregnant electric blanket by expectant mothers has long been debated hotly taking into account the pros and cons. Many stress on the risks involved while others argue about the accompanying benefits and comfort. Thus the matter of using electric blankets during pregnancy should be carefully mulled over before opting for one.

The pregnant electric blanket is generally a common item in most of the households situated in cold regions where sometimes the temperature plunges to well below zero. The intensity of the cold during the winter season makes the use of Pregnancy electric blanket an absolute necessity for pregnant women who are often afraid that the biting chill could have an ill effect on the fetus. The pregnant electric blanket gives warmth and comfort even during extreme cold and improves the growth of the infant in the womb.

The two points of concern with electric blankets and pregnancy are overheating and electromagnetic fields. Extensive studies have been carried out regarding the latent risks but the results have not been conclusive. Thus pregnant electric blanket remains a significant product vital for expectant mothers and essential for protecting the fetus from the bites of cold.

Many of the reports warn that the exposure to high temperature that comes with the use of electric blankets during pregnancy might lead to potential neural tube defects because of increased hyperthermia. But the studies are not conclusive as the heat range of electric blankets is not so high for long time stretches as compared to other devices like sauna.

Another point of argument is over the connection of pregnant electric blanket with electromagnetic EMF waves. Here again the results are not conclusive and remain outdated. The EXF patterns in electric blankets are very weak and cannot physically harm anyone due to extended interaction. Most of the studies connected with this latent risk have been done by simulating environments, but this cannot be replicated in pregnancy – a complex real life situation. Thus the results continue to be indecisive.

Thus it may be said with conviction that the concept of pregnant electric blanket has no ill effects. Nevertheless some safety measures like checking the plug points and strength of the fiber cables should be carried out. The blanket should not be kept plugged on all the time.

Another caution is that during the final stages of labor it is better not to use the pregnant electric blanket at the time when the water bag breaks. Otherwise a pregnant electric blanket is a blessing for expectant mothers on chilly cold nights – a balm for her senses.


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