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Facts About Physical Child Abuse and How to Prevent it

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Child AbusePhysical child abuse is rampant these days. The torment that the child goes through is not unknown to us. Child abuse has various categories. It can be corporal punishment leading to damage, neglect, emotional torture or abuse sexually. The child may be physically tortured by parents, his companions at school, or others in society.

We often read about child molest and child abuse stories in the newspapers. Child abuse means ill treatmnt that causes harm to a child either physically or mentally. It is highly tragic to see parents beating the child on flimsy grounds. In most cases it is seen that the dissatisfaction in marital life often leads to physical ill treatment on the child at home. Marital discord id difficult to solve and often the child who is vulnerable and cannot protect himself is victimized. This is where a child molestation attorney can play an important role.

Children molestation is an old malady of our society. This usually takes place where the tormentor is under alcoholic influence. Severe beating or whipping with the belt or twisting of the arms is considered punishable by law today. Child abuse true stories can be read regularly in the newspapers everyday.

Incidents of child abuse occur every now and then in a school where the teacher is blamed for throwing dusters at the child, leading to cuts or fracture. Even other physical punishments at other centers of activity often lead to serious impairment for life.

Neglecting her children by the mother is another common abuse we see in several homes. This for a long time was not considered a serious offence. The child in such cases suffers mentally. Often children are not able to voice their feelings out of fear. Moreover, the mother on whom the children depend can be the worst tormentor. Excuses like heavy work schedule and strict deadlines in the office are no longer valid reasons for neglect, in the eyes of law.

It is also common sight to see children publicly punished in schools. Keeping them standing outside the class or repeatedly condemning them for their mistakes can harm the child’s mental stability in the long run. In an effort to rectify the mistake the tormentor compels the child to recede into his own world and remain even more introvert. Such children grow up to be unsocial.

Continuous torture can even make them criminals when they grow up. Not just this these children grow up with a sense of vengeance in them. Once placed in a convenient situation, they begin to torment others. Minds are warped simply through constant distress meted out to tiny bodies and minds.

Child abuse prevention act has now brought relief to these tormented souls. The perpetrator of mental or physical ill health can no longer go scot free. Thorough trials and a deep study into such cases have left such tormentors bewildered. Reports on physical child abuse should be made more frequently to eradicate this ailment from our society.

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