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Photo of Baby Footprint Make Memorable Keepsakes

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Most parents (and grandparents) love to have memorable keepsakes of their children (and grandchildren) to remind them of the time when the baby was a helpless but cute bundle of joy for the whole family. One of the best ways to achieve this is by a photo of baby footprint taken just a few days after birth. It’s best to take a photo of baby footprint as early as possible because babies grow up very fast!

You may want a professional photographer to take the picture of baby footprint; however, taking the photo of baby footprint yourself gives you more room for creativity. Since most of today’s digital cameras can easily be connected to a desktop computer, you can enhance the pic of baby footprint instead of having a professional do the job which would definitely cost you more.

Using available picture enhancement software (some are free by the way or come with a 30-day trial), you can improve or modify the picture of baby footprint you have taken and have several versions of the same photo of baby footprint in black and white, sepia, mosaic, blurred and other options depending on the program you will use. You can also turn your photo baby footprint into a graphic by printing it in negative (reverse) instead of the normal color print for a more stunning effect and a unique baby footprint image.

Of course, you would prefer to announce to everybody the birth of arrival of a new baby in the family and what better way to do it than sending announcement cards ornamented with your very own customized baby footprint graphic or baby footprint image! Let your imagination run loose in making the announcement of the baby’s birth and you will discover that the possibilities are almost endless and rewarding as well! You can even your baby footprint graphic as the theme for invitations you will send out to family and friends for the baby’s christening or first birthday!

Another option you have is to put your picture of baby footprint in a baby footprint frame for posterity’s sake and to have memorable keepsakes for the family.

You can search the Internet for sources on where to buy kits to customize your photo of baby footprint and do-it-yourself baby footprint frames. Customizing these keepsakes on your own adds that greater value of personalization which your baby will always treasure.

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