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Learn and Develop Parenting Skills Continuously

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Parenting Skills

Parenting skills are not an automatic nor inborn ability of any individual. Although being a parent and procreation are natural human (and animal) instincts, parenting skills need continuous development, adaptation and hands-on experience on an individual and case-to-case basis. While it may be generalized in terms of broad concepts, dealing with individual children are a case-to-case experience and dictates various approach according to the individuality of each child.

Moms and dads learn parenting skills through in only one way – the hard (most of the time wearisome) but equally satisfying way of experience. No matter how many books and guides on parenting skills you read or even memorize, you will realize that the best and only way to learn, develop and acquire parenting skills is through experience.

Getting advice and tips from other parents, your own parents, books and web resources are fine. But your have to remember that these are mere operational guidelines and are not cut and dried rules of engagement on how to be a parent! They are simply expansive parameters that (may or may not) apply to each and every particular situation you will surely encounter during the infancy, pre-puberty, puberty, teenage and adult phases your child’s life.

Most unanswered questions that are left unaddressed by these guidelines, you have to deal with on your own in a diplomatic and tactful manner. Most of the time, you will not be able to get direct answers on how to deal with particular situations other than simply getting your feet wet and making the best of the situation so that mistakes and costly errors human interaction are avoided.

Since most parents want to raise well-rounded, healthy and smart kids, you have to make sure that you work to achieve this goal by communicating (not talking, lecturing or dictating) to your children even while they are still young. Communication is the cornerstone of all healthy relationships between husband and wife, parents and children and even peoples of diverse nationalities. As a parent, it is your duty to strive to build fun and healthy communications and relationships with your children as early as possible.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle said that man’s good virtues are acquired through the development of good habits. Although initially it may be difficult, good habits come easier in life as time goes by.

Practice makes perfect. It is therefore important that both parents and children continually practice in developing good habits of communication, interpersonal relationships, openness, respect and love for each other so that lessons learned are concretely put into action. They do not remain mere nuances of speech that are difficult to quantify.

Parents should start off as good role models for their children because actions speak louder than words. Your kids will invariably imitate your habits because that is what they see and are exposed to for the better part of their lives.

Parents’ involvement wit their children’s activities through a strong and healthy relationship is a strong deterrent of anti-social behavior. Parents and children can encourage each other to continually do the right thing!

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