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The Importance of Having a Parenting Plan

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Parenthood is a very overpowering experience. There is no school or college that offers a class on how to become a good parent however there are steps that you can do on your own in order to become good parents. How? It is not as simple as it sounds but you can prepare your own parenting plan – a sort of a work in progress guideline that you can refer to time and again when the going gets rough and rougher!

Things to Consider in Developing a Parenting Plan
It is important to note that parenting is a very important responsibility and that there are simply too many unforeseeable situations that can not be given careful advance planning. It is best to have a plan of action that considers major areas of responsibilities and learn from experience.

From conception, pregnancy and until giving birth, the mother should first and foremost take care of her body for she is carrying another human being in her womb. Rest, vitamins, proper exercise and healthy food should always be the norm instead of the exception.

On the father’s side, due care must be given to ensure the mother and baby’s safety at all times, including (if at all possible) freedom from domestic stress and other similar issues.

Both parents should carefully prepare the baby’s room and basic necessities from clothes to beddings to toys and food.

Regardless of the sex of the baby, the financial aspect of raising the child should also be addressed by saving money for education until college.

Ensuring the baby’s well being – physical and emotional health should be the foremost consideration of both parents – as they are the two persons who will be solely responsible for raising their child as a member of a community of men.

These are the basic aspects of parenthood that husband and wife can plan for and take necessary actions to achieve. The other aspects of parenting can not be quantified, you simply have to live through the experience in the same manner your parents did (and their parents before them) when you were growing up.

Parenthood is a 24/7/365 commitment, even when your children have left the house and already have their own families. You can make it a wonderful experience and grow old gracefully.

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