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Guidelines on Parenting a Toddler Successfully

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Parenting a toddler is one of the big challenges of parents in life. It is the most rewarding, full of fun, demanding and insightful experience of a father and mother during their life. The fact is, parenting a toddler does not begin or end at a certain point in life it is a continuous process because even if your child grows up into an adult, 99% of parents still see them as toddlers!

How does a parent deal with a child’s roller coaster moods to make him feel better?

The first thing a parent (mothers more so than fathers) is that they have to know how to successfully handle these situations in their life as well before they can comfort and teach their children how to cope. Mothers have to love themselves, know how to deal with difficult situations in a controlled and restrained manner, not be prone to irritability. Pretty tough requirements are they not?

At first look, the answer is yes. But on the other hand, this is the only way any individual can intelligently handle a distressing and potentially unpleasant situation.

When your toddler becomes upset and goes into a screaming or crying fit, before you go to the baby’s rescue, be sure to hold your emotions, keep your self in check and prepared for any eventuality. If at all possible, go to your baby with a wide smile on your face and not as a picture of a panic stricken mom. Stop everything that you are doing, whatever you are holding must be put on the table or a safe place then go to your child’s to find out what is wrong. This does not take time, it can be done while you are running or walking towards where baby is.

Not taking care of yourself and putting yourself in the proper frame of mind negates your capability to deal with any situation, especially if it happens to be life threatening. What if you ran straight to your baby, holding a scissor or a kitchen knife and accidentally drop it in your haste to comfort your baby and then step on it later while you have the baby in your hands?

Since you love your child very much, you should take every possible precaution in coming to the baby’s aid and make sure that you do not put both your lives in potential danger.

Besides, children automatically pick up their parents’ emotions and frame of mind. If your baby sees you as distraught (or more distressed than he/she is), the more they will wail and cry and lose hope with your presence – even if they can not verbalize it yet.

This is the main reason why even philosophers, guidance counselors and advice gurus always recommend that you take care of yourself first before you take care of your child. Doing so, gives you the aura of self-confidence, unworried and in control which your toddler will surely pick up on as soon as you are in sight.

I clearly remember my childhood days, every time I am in trouble or in a difficult situation the sight of my mother or father is enough to give me confidence because they are also confident that whatever it is I am in, they can resolve it in their own way.

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