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Mother Daughter Relationships – Close Bonding or Distant Relations?

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Mother daughter relationships can be one of the most beautiful relationships ever known to a human being. Right from the time the baby is in the womb, the mother and baby form an inexplicable bond which is the greatest joy of motherhood.

A mother and daughter relationship if nurtured properly with love and trust can become one of the strongest relationships for both of them. Giving and caring are the two words which define a mother-daughter relationship. In any relationship, love is most important but what is equally important is caring about that person.

Mothers and daughters naturally share a special bonding being of the same gender. This bonding gets enhanced by mutual love, affection and trust in relationship. Though, traditionally daughters are always their fathers’ favorites and sons’their mothers this line gets blurred as one grows older, especially in the case of mothers and daughters.

As the girl starts growing into a teenager, she finds that certain issues can only be discussed with her mother. In fact, adolescence is a crucial period in a mother-daughter relationship for, if handled with tact and love, a lasting bonding can be forged between the two.

Daughters look up to their mothers for guidance and help and very often mothers are the role models for them. Mothers pass on morals and values and teach their daughters on how to conduct themselves in life. Nuggets of wisdom are passed on from mothers to daughters but it should be done tactfully and not forced down the daughters’ throats. Any form of coercion is bound to adversely affect the relationship, especially in the difficult adolescence years.

Sometimes, mothers become too strict with their daughters keeping a hawk eye on each and every movement of theirs. This makes the daughters feel suffocated and they may start rebelling or become incommunicative withdrawing within them. Here, the mother should realize that her daughter needs the right amount of independence and should learn to let go tactfully keeping an eye on her.

Being too controlling and domineering will scar the mother-daughter relationship. While, daughters should understand that mothers only want to protect them and instead of becoming sullen or withdrawn should talk to their mothers to try and find a solution . Here, mutual trust and respect plays a very big part in mother daughter relationships.

Mothers and daughters can become the closest friends, if their relationship is lovingly nurtured or they can become distant from each other. Or it might just be a ‘mother-daughter’ tie by birth without a deeper bonding. Many daughters forge a close relationship with their mothers after marriage because, perhaps then they truly can empathize with their mothers as a woman.

They are more on equal terms and have many more common issues to discuss. A baby further cements the bond because now they can treat each other as two mothers and also because daughters become more understanding of their mothers. However, not all mother daughter relationships are made-for-each other and sometimes it takes a lot for both parties to even get along.


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  1. kelsie says:

    Hi my name is Kelsie im 20 years old. I still live at home with my mom and dad and i work and im a full time student in college. I have a question about my mom. I am respectful to her i ask permissin before i go anywhere. and alot of times she won’t let me go. I don’t drink or party or anything, i just want to be trusted and feel a lil free and wanna go out. do u think that she is wrong.

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