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Beautiful Mother and Child Necklace are Memorable and Unique Gifts Too

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Mother and Child NecklaceThe mother and child necklace is still the ornament that is widely worn by mothers all over the world. Whether it is expensive or not, it does not matter really. Jewelry has been the most elegant form of beautification. The necklace is the preferred ornament because it is easy to wear and easy to maintain. The mother and child jewelry is a unique way of preserving fond memories. It seems to cement the bond between the two.

There are different kinds of necklaces and pendants available in the market these days. The mother and child pendant is unique in its own right. The gold plated pendants on silver look timeless. The mother embracing her child carved on a heart shaped outline is extraordinary. The zircon embedded in the pendant makes it all the more glorious.

There is a mother child pendant which has words etched do it. There are child pendants that can be personalized. The gold pendants too can have the design or words written according to your choice. These are great gifts for both mother and the child.

The pendants have different stone settings on them. The choice is often made according to one’s birth stone. There is the Sterling mother’s birthstone necklace .This is a perfect gift for mothers of all ages. The silver base is most appropriate for any stone fitting. Valuable quotes or your own heartfelt words can be easily written on it to make it a special gift. What’s most interesting about this necklace is that it comes with a keepsake box too for free.

The fourteen carat gold pendant with the finger print of the child is another very uncommon piece of jewelry. Secured with a spring clasp, this necklace has colored ovals set in it hung from a string. Inside the locket the gold plate has the child’s finger print on it.

Not just gold or silver there are children’s necklaces that are made of mother of pearl and shells. They have their own beauty but may not be that durable. Moreover the luster of the shell may wear off after a few years. Compared to them the gold and silver ones are sturdy and easy to maintain. The shine and the polish remain unchanged for years.

There are different necklaces for the two sexes. For the baby boys the pendants are different. Usually it is the girl who wears the pendant. The girl’s necklace comes in various shapes and sizes. The sterling silver ones that are carved into the shape of a girl are perhaps the best gift that the girl could be given on her birthday. With initials engraved on it, it also turns out to be a family pendant too. Apart from these there are the birthstone charm necklaces too for those who believe in luck. The mother and child necklace is a class apart from the rest and remains the most popular choice.

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