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Fun Maths Games For Kids – To Rid The Child of Maths Phobia and Develop Interest!

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Maths games for kids can make Maths very interesting for children who are scared of the subject and avoid doing it. Maths requires skills but they can be got with practice and hard work.

The problem is that Maths usually is taught in a very cut-and -dry manner and children lose interest if they are not able to grasp the basics. This leads to a life-long phobia for Maths. Kids maths games are very useful in this regard as they teach the basics of Maths in a fun way and before the child realizes it, he has already grasped the foundations of Maths.

Abacus is amongst the most interesting educational maths games for teaching Maths to small kids. Though strictly speaking, it is not a game but a whole way of teaching Maths, the fact that it is done on boards containing beads makes it seem like a game.

Additions, subtractions are all taught through beads. Even multiplication is taught on abacus by using multiplication games. Small children like jangling the colorful beads and pushing a bead up or down or moving it sideways and in the process pick up elementary Maths.

There are Maths puzzle books and Maths games galore and one can pick and choose according to the child’s age. Small children will love Maths boxes which come with colorful picture cards showing numbers and the signs of addition and subtraction. These cards are used to add up or subtract the cards according to the pictures given on them. So, children can be taught the rudimentary of Maths while making it seem like a game.

Sudoku puzzle game is another type of educational maths games which is actually enjoyed by both the older kids and adults though the levels may keep getting more challenging. It can really exercise your brain as you have to shift numbers to align them perfectly from all sides.

Kids maths games can include Maths Bingo and this can be played either online or teachers can also incorporate this in the school curriculum to make the subject more fun. In Maths Bingo each student is provided with a printed bingo card with mathematical problems.

The role of the bingo caller is enacted by the teacher who calls out the problems randomly. If that particular problem appears on a student’s card, the correct answer must be filled in quickly and the student who first completes the line of 5 correct answers is the winner. This can be played in class groups also as a variation.

Maths games for kids are very important as it takes the tedium out of learning Maths and thus by association children lose the fear of the subject and start enjoying it.


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