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Magnetic Toys – Fun, Challenging and Educational for Children

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Magnetic Toys for Kids
photo by Dyanna Pedroza

Magnetic toys come in all shapes, size and forms. They are fun to play with, offers differing degrees of challenge that cater to children and adults, and they are highly educational.

There are several types of magnetic toys that are offer exceptional fun and enjoyment for children as well as adults. These toys are readily available from almost all toy stores, educational stores and even online. Choosing, ordering and then having fun with these myriad of magnetic toys have never been easier.

Educational magnetic toys are very useful and educational for children because they are a fun way for parents to teach their children about geometrical shapes, building structures, magnetism and the effects of gravity. Valuable knowledge applicable to all aspects of our daily lives.

Following are some of the popular types of magnetic toys for children from which your child (and you) can derive hours and hours of fun and excitement when playing.

Magnetic Mosaic, Magnetic Dreaming and Fractiles 7 are magnetic tiling toys made for distinct objectives in mind. The Magnetic Mosaic and Magnetic Dreaming toy kits are intended for free form magnetic art that children enjoy immensely while the Fractiles 7 magnetic game with its precision pieces are best at creating an infinite variety of precise geometric patterns.

Magna-Tiles composed of touchy-feely, colorful magnetic tiles which are of the right size and easy to grasp for little hands are easy to use whether you are creating your own designs on a flat surface or putting together a structure in 3-D which children enjoy greatly.

Fun and educational, Magz is a magnetic construction toy that is very easy to play with and is very intuitive. Most young children love it!

The limousine of magnetic toys is the GeoMag magnetic bar and ball toys. They have a very high quality of construction and have stronger magnets than other similar toys in the market. It even comes in several variants that include glow in the dark pieces which kids love. There are also GeoMag Panel Kits, which are complete by themselves as they contain the necessary GeoMag bars and balls together with the geometric panels like triangles, squares, diamonds and pentagons. For even greater fun, flexibility and endless possibilities, you can combine the panel kits with other individual GeoMag kits.

The Orb Factory has come out with their Educational Magnetic Puzzles which come with magnetic puzzle pieces, playing surface, a large poster and educational information. The company gives you a choice to pick any or all of their variants like the Space Puzzle, Dinosaur Puzzle, Butterfly Puzzle, Animal Puzzle or the Wheels at Work Magnetic Puzzle.

Other magnetic toys are Magnet Art Kits by Nova Design, Fractiles 7: Fractal Geometry which is great boredom reliever for children when taking those long distance trips on weekends and holidays.

Magnetic toys generally are a fun way to teach children about the elegance of symmetry and geometry. They are very helpful in enhancing your child’s visual perception and analysis skills which are necessary in order to comprehend mathematics, reading, writing and science.

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