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Kindergarten Homework Is A Topic Of Controversy And Heated Debates Since Centuries

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Kindergarten homework is a topic of controversy as kindergarten is the period during which a child is first introduced to compulsory education. The age for going to the kindergarten can be from the age of 3 yrs to 7 yrs depending on the area. The main reason behind a kindergarten section in schools was to help the children interact with other children, communicate as well as play and learn to be independent from their parents.

In a kindergarten the things that are taught to a child is basically the details about himself, like his name, his parents name, his address, his phone number etc. These things he needs not only to know, but also to write. Certain skills required for personal care like tying lace, zipping and unzipping pants, toilet habits table manners etc are also taught.

For developing the educational skills they are introduced to the world of shapes, colors,
nursery rhymes, and counting up to 20. For developing the interest of the child the teacher organizes various activities to help children learn better. Teaching which is basically done through the play way method gives better results in terms of learning by the children.

Homework in the kindergarten is basically a repetition of what is done in the class. It is just to refresh the memory of the child what has been taught to him in school. This is done as they tend to forget very easily and repetition is the only way of teaching them. Their homework is usually very less which does not take more than 15-20 minutes but parental supervision as well as involvement is necessary as through this way it acts as a method to promote learning interactions at home.

Reading story books is also included in the homework. The reading can be done by the parent. The story that a parent chooses should be short as the attention span of a child is very short and he may lose interest very fast.

The basic theory behind the homework in a kindergarten is to make learning fun as well as enjoyable. This is during holidays or weekends. Children are sent worksheets of work they are required to do during the holiday. These sheets may either be activities like coloring, puzzles or work that the child has done in class so that it serves as a reminder to the child as he recollects and writes.

Thus homework in the kindergarten is essential for the overall development of the child but it has been debated over the centuries regarding it role in the upbringing of the kid.

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