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Make Your Kid’s Snacks Tempting and Attractive

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Healthy Snacks for Kids - photo by Aoiyep

Preparing your kid’s snacks is at times a very frustrating exercise for some parents. Not that parents complain about preparing food for their children but rather in how they can make their kid’s snacks more appealing to their children. This is only part of the problem; considerations should also be given to making kid’s snacks healthy, inexpensive and tasty all at the same time.

Tough task you might say, right? Not really, if you follow these guidelines in preparing your kid’s snacks:

  • Making your own healthy snacks for your kids to keep the costs down. You can use zip lock bags for sandwiches, cookies and pastries and covered plastic containers for fruits and other similar kid’s snacks.
  • Buy store branded food like muesli bars, pretzels, nuts, nacho chips. Mix and match them and put them in zip lock bags. This makes them more colorful and appealing to your kids.
  • Additionally, bake your own bread and cookie bars using healthy ingredients like whole wheat and pack them in plastic containers.
  • Send your children to school with a home made fruit salad of cantaloupes, peaches, cherries or any fruit combination they prefer.
  • Bake healthy cookies and biscuits in various shapes to give them variety and uniqueness.
  • If your child prefers peanut butter jelly sandwiches, use whole wheat bread and natural peanut butter.
  • Add small toys to your kid’s snacks as a reward for healthy eating!

You do not have to sacrifice healthy eating when preparing your kid’s snacks. In fact, you can ensure that they always eat healthy and at lesser cost if you prepare your own kid’s snacks instead of simply giving them pocket money to buy food.

It’s a tough job to make your children interested in eating healthy food but it all begins at home and unless you can get them started young, you will surely have problems once school starts.

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