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Kids Play Kitchen Sets for Adding Values

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Little girls have a special penchant for kids play kitchen sets, but with times having changed boys too are not being left out of the fun. It is a world of fantasy cooking.

The kitchen play set leads to development of interactive as well as social skills. Apart from this, knowledge about nutrition is gained by handling toy food. Children’s kitchen covers a wide range from the very rudimentary models to the awesome sophisticated sets replete with modern gadgets.

Kitchen play sets that are single-unit have few appliances and many types of toy kitchen items with a whole range of gadgets. The range is stunning. The buying depends on the pocket of the buyer and the age of the child.

The single-unit kitchen play set comprises of an oven, a stove, microwave and sink – all fitted into one unit. The material is generally moulded plastic. ‘Assembly required’ wooden sets are also available. The set may be set up against a wall as it has front and back facilities.

Another variety is the table-top kitchen play set. It is conveniently portable and can be shifted easily from one place to another. This is of great use in small apartments where the child may not be having a separate nursery of its own. There is a make-believe two burner stove that can be set on a table, a shelf or even be kept on the floor.

The island-play kitchen set is a stand alone one with sinks, stoves, ovens and microwaves. All the items can be of delight to the children to get lost in a world of fancy where they are cooking and cleaning. This kind is ideal for toddlers.

The best one is the complete toy kitchen set with everything separate – stoves, sinks, dishwasher and even a refrigerator. The unit consists of many pieces from which the child savours the full experience of life in the kitchen.

The choice of the particular kind of kitchen set will depend on the space of your home and how much can be spared for the child’s toys. If the child enjoys a separate room a kitchen play set with multiple units can be easily fixed up. If the wall space is sufficient a single-unit kitchen play set will suffice. But the table-top variety is the best option where space is at a premium.

There are many manufactures and among them little tikes kitchen set offers a wide variety. Apart from the typical toy kitchens there are other alternatives like ‘sizzle & serve’ kitchen as well ‘inside/outside cook & grill’ kitchen. The first one has flickering fire and sizzling audio fixtures that adds to the make-believe fun. The last one is a kitchen accompanied by a patio and grill set. Kids kitchen play sets can entertain the child for hours while instructing them on important aspects of life and society.

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