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Easy Homemade Kids Halloween Costumes

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Kids Halloween costumes can be scary, funny, spooky or based on cartoon characters. Most children though like to use the occasion of Halloween to dress up like ghosts, witches or devils. After all, it goes with the ‘spirit’ of the festival!

The Halloween costume of the devil is extremely popular with children although many parents do not approve of it. The devil costume consists of tight black pants with a red tail along with red horns.

A scary mask can be worn on the face. Cowboys, pirates, princesses are other favorite kids Halloween costumes. Scary Halloween masks when worn together with the costume give the final touch to the costumes.

Kids Halloween CostumesAlthough all Halloween costumes can be bought at local stores, parents no longer want to spend something exorbitant on costumes which they know will be rarely worn and will be outgrown soon enough. Homemade kids Halloween costumes work equally well and ghosts and witches are the two easiest options.

Children love the idea of looking spooky and maybe striking it lucky by actually giving a fright to someone! The costume of ghosts is easy to make at home as all it needs is an old, white sheet with cutaways for the arms, eyes and mouth but can be made more interesting by adding scary facial features on the white sheet with the help of lipstick or marker pens or fabric paints.

A few touches of colors like black and orange will not only make your ‘ghost’ stand out a bit more but these colors also go with the Halloween theme.

Girls, of course, love to dress up as witches and a piece of black fabric is all you need with a circle cut out for the head and armholes. A witch’s costume depends more on creepy accessories so, a good, pointed hat is a must.

Halloween costume masks are available in the shops and you can choose a witch’s mask complete with a long, hooked nose. A broom with some brushwood attached at the end and a trick-o-treating bag will complete the picture.

Many girls may prefer a less wicked ‘witch look’; add lots of sparkle on their cape or hat and do away with the nasty, crooked nose for a softer look. Substitute the broom with a shining wand and your little girl can be the ‘good’ witch instead of the ‘evil’ one!

Your toddler need not be left out of all this excitement; dress him/her in a cute toddler ladybug costume but ensure that the face is clearly visible so that you don’t lose him amongst other ghouls!

Kids Halloween costumes can be fun to buy or make as children really delight in dressing up for Halloween.


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