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Choose your Kid’s Dentist with Great Care

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Finding a kid’s dentist is not an easy chore as it sounds because not all dentists are the same. Your kid can not go to the same dentist that you go to (as yet) because of the differences in approach, complexity of procedure and ambiance of the clinic.

An adult dentist simply can not be a substitute for a kid’s dentist or a pediatric dentist. Although the two practice the exact same profession, there is a world of difference in how they go about it.

An adult dentist has a straightforward, friendly, non-nonsense approach to dental practice and care, especially when it comes to pulling teeth. On the other hand, a pediatric dentist has a totally different setup that as soon as you walk in to the office, the difference can be seen at once.

Since 100% of children hate going to the dentist, pediatric dentists make their offices and clinics look as friendly and as entertaining as possible. The receptionists are friendly, the walls are painted or even decorated in such as way to make them attractive to kids and there are even games kids can play while waiting for their appointment. Most kid’s dentists also have toy giveaways for their young patients after every appointment at the clinic.

Kid’s dentist must not only have a gentle touch, they have to be well versed in current children’s jokes to be able to show (and prove) to their young patients that they belong to the same group and that he understands the situation. Establishing rapport through the clinic’s decor, setup and joke telling and ease of conversation are necessary requirements of a good kid’s dentist so that the young children will loosen up, cooperate and learn to trust that the procedure is totally painless. This way, there is no time spent convincing and the child to open up wide for a tooth extraction or other types of dental corrective or maintenance procedures. Pediatric dentistry also involves orthodontics because not all teeth come out smoothly and straightly as we would like.

In choosing a kid’s dentist, make sure that the one you chose belongs to a certified and recognized pediatric organization. This is necessary because pediatric dentists require an additional two to three years of specialized training in the oral health of children from infancy through adolescence. It is not simply getting the trust of children and making them feel at ease.

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