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Choosing the Perfect Kid’s Alarm Clock

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kid's Alarm Clock for Girl

A kid’s alarm clock color, design and style are very important elements that your son or daughter care about when making their choice. For them, it has to be cool, trendy and should fit in with the rest of their knick knacks otherwise it would only end up as a paper weight! This may be hard for parents to understand but that’s the way it is for teenagers, there is simply no logic in how they think and what they want in their accessories.

Boys and Girls Together

Mail order catalogs are a good place to find trendy alarm clocks for boys. Professional football, soccer, baseball, basketball and hockey teams produce alarm clocks which your son would surely like including kids’ alarm clocks shaped like cars, R2D2, airplanes, a Jedi warrior or anything that takes a boy’s fancy. In choosing an alarm clock for your son, make sure that the second consideration is durability so that it can take the beating it would surely get in your son’s bedroom when his friends come over or when he plays with his other siblings.

If you have a daughter instead of a son, it would be better to shop for her alarm clock in novelty stores and boutique shops. If you get your daughter a Powerpuff Girls or Bratz themed alarm clock, there is a chance that she may outgrow it sooner than expected since girls mature faster than boys.

However, to be on the safe side and regardless what the gender of your child may be, it would be advisable to get a kid’s alarm clock that is not gender specific. You can get them a kid’s alarm clock of their favorite pet, retro motif, geometric patterns, favorite animal or sport, nature, space or landscape. These types of kid’s alarm clocks can be useful even when your child reaches puberty and there may even bring it with them when they go off to college for sentimental reasons.

Effective and Functional Design
Make sure the alarm clock you buy has big numbers, hands, buttons and/or dials and a big snooze bar. Why? To better to see the time when the clock sets off the alarm so they will not be late for school. If you choose an electric powered alarm clock, get one that has a battery back up so that it will always work on time all the time!

Radio and Alarm in One

My favorite alarm clock is a radio and clock in one, tuned in to my favorite FM station that powers on at the preset time. It never fails to wake me up because at the appointed time, the rock station starts blaring music which surely wakes me up – no matter what!

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