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Are Kid Chat Rooms Genuine And Suitable For Kids?

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Kid chat rooms are chat rooms are social platform where kids can exchange their ideas and culture. As the name suggests the Kids chat rooms are meant for kids of a particular age bracket where they can register and make friends with each other. The concept of online chatting is becoming popular day by day amongst people of all ages, sex, caste etc. These online chats provide social forum where views can be exchanged on different subjects.

As a child is very sensitive and easily believes everything that is told to him, it is very important for the parents and guardians to keep them away from unsafe chatting and chat rooms which are fake and use inappropriate language and behavior. They may misguide the children and lead them towards ill relationship and pornography.

Apart from the few disadvantages of unhealthy chatting, online chatting is very helpful for kids to gain wide knowledge about the world and different cultures. While chatting, kids offer advice to each other which is very helpful. They also exchange creative ideas and discuss about their studies and about recent developments in the world which helps them gain wide knowledge.

In order to see that your child is not misguided by false and unsafe chat rooms, you must keep a close eye on what your child is doing online. If you are not able to monitor it regularly, you can install certain software in your computer which can keep a record of sites visited and can often record the conversation your child had with others online.

You must see that your child chats only on those sites which are primarily focused on children and have a moderator. You must also keep a record of contacts of the moderator and owner of the site. Rooms which have moderators are safer as they provide a guard against use of any illicit language and misguidance.

You should also keep a track of mail box of your child and check it regularly for any inappropriate content. Kids must be advised not to give their contact nos. and the email id supplied by the Internet service provider to anyone. Other personal information should not be revealed on the sites. Kids should chat in the room of their age group and if they feel uncomfortable with any conversation, they should end the chat there and even inform their parents who can take appropriate action.

Healthy online chatting in Kids Chat rooms can be of great help to your child in his development and he can meet some very nice friends. You, as a parent must get involved in your kids online time and make sure that he engages himself in chatting in trusted kids chat rooms only.


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  1. when i was quite younger, i alway enjoy online chatting with friends and relatives “

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