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Easy Steps to Keep Your Baby Safe

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Keep Your Baby Safe
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At all times, 24/7 parents have one concern: the safety of their babies! Most of us are familiar with news items dealing with accidental deaths of babies in a seemingly safe environment. In real life, this is a very important concern; here are a few tips that you can observe to keep your baby safe at all times.

  • Cribs are designed for one very important purpose – to keep your baby safe. In buying a crib, make sure it conforms to established safety standards.
  • Avoid having your baby sleep with you in bed because there is the danger that they can get smothered by a pillow, a blanket or a comforter. Moreover, when asleep, you have no control of your body movements and you don’t want to accidentally push your baby out of the bed.
  • Never let your baby take a nap on a sofa’s cushions, a chair or a water bed. Keep your baby safe and yourself at rest by letting your baby sleep in its specially designed bed.
  • Choose a firm mattress that fits exactly in the baby’s crib and make sure that the sheets wrap securely around the corners.
  • Make sure you put protective bumper pads around the crib for extra protection when baby moves around. However, to keep your baby safe, be sure to remove these pads when your baby is able to stand so they can not be used as climbing aids to prevent accidental falls from the crib.
  • Avoid putting any type of oversized stuff toys, pillow, blanket or comforter in the crib to avoid suffocation and keep your baby safe.
  • Avoid leaving your baby unattended on a highchair. Make sure to use the high chair safety straps to prevent injuries and accidental deaths should the baby try to climb out or slide under the tray.
  • Do not forget to use the safety straps in strollers and baby swings.
  • Do not place the high chair where your baby can reach for the tablecloth prevent accidents and injuries from with hot food or liquids.
  • Keep dangerous and toxic cleaning products, kitchen utensils or matches in their proper storage places to keep your baby safe from accidental poisoning, injuries and burns.
  • Install smoke detectors and electronic baby monitor in your baby’s room and inspect them to check their batteries and ensure proper operation.
  • You can also install safety gates between rooms and on staircases and covers for electrical outlets to limit baby’s movements and prevent electrocution.
  • Lastly, make sure all small objects are out of baby’s reach to prevent suffocation and choking.


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