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Tasting Nature’s Comfort with Jungle Bedroom Themes

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Executing Jungle bedroom themes idea into a reality would be a rich experience that would bring out your creative powers touched with simplicity. Nature has to be replicated in such a way as to transport the occupant straight on to her wild green natural lap. Although it may seem so, actually it is not difficult to make your child’s room into a comfortable safe jungle.

The first thing for jungle themed bedrooms is to have the walls and the ceilings covered with natural trappings and colours. For this assistance of a professional would be of help to paint scenes from the jungles on one wall. The bed has to be placed next to it. Jungle posters can be availed of online. The other walls can be splashed with various shades of green interspersed with leafy patterns with fruits and flowers peeping through.

The ceiling can be painted to look like the inside of a tree roof in the middle of a bamboo grove or a native hut. The bed should be made from durable strong wood and painted in a rough manner to look like a bunk-bed or a hammock in the forest.

For an infant the crib can be pasted with animal figures amidst jungle colours. Animal toys peeping through every corner and shelf will complete the image of the great outdoors. The bed linen too should have jungle motifs – foliage and animal figures.

There is a surfeit of jungle decorating ideas like ordering special furniture that looks like the broken stump of a tree or a tool covered with creeping vines. The same idea can be made to fix up the desks, chest of drawers with gadgets to match.

For instance the touching of a leaf button will open the shelf. Any outsider stepping into the room should have no doubts that the little one lived in the middle of the jungle. The books lying around should have a jungle theme – National Geographic magazines, stories about Mowgli and tales written by Corbett and Anderson.

To complete the effect of tropical theme bedrooms a musical system replaying animal roars, grunts and tweets interspersed with the rustling of leaves would go a long way to complete the atmosphere. The sound effect can changed at night to allow the soothing lullaby of pattering rain while the lights kept at the minimum low level.

Customized bed rooms with Jungle bedroom themes allows the child to taste of the wild in the middle of urban setting – green adventures bang in the centre of the concrete jungle.


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  1. bunk beds should be made from strong materials like steel or better yet composite fibers~`;

  2. bunk beds are quite comfortable specially if you use them in a tightly packed room or in a limited spaced room :*-

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