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Don’t Panic, Infant Acne is Normal and Temporary!

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Mothers should not panic as infant acne is not uncommon it is a normal and temporary occurrence in babies between the ages of two weeks to six months of age. The cause of infant acne is the maternal hormones passed on to the baby from the mother through the placenta.

Although infant acne is extremely distressing for parents and babies alike, especially when you see your baby break out with acne on the smooth, glowing skin, the good news is it is temporary! In fact, infant acne does not require any specialized form of treatment but only basic cleanliness and the use of non-allergenic baby products. After the age of six months, infant acne is usually gone.

The mother’s hormones transferred to the baby through the placenta while in the womb is being cleaned by the baby’s immune system – the reason behind the newborn baby acne breakout. It is one way of the baby cleansing itself of the unwanted hormones from its system. Not all babies react in the same manner and develop baby acne as a result. Some babies do not even show symptoms of this cleansing process and go about their lives quite happily.

The important thing to remember when you see your baby afflicted with infant acne is not to do anything about it and simply let it take care of itself on its own. Remember, it is baby’s way of removing the excess hormones from the mother and is a natural process of the baby’s immune system.

Do not fall into the same trap as other parents who instantly conclude that infant acne is caused by dirty or oily skin, and so right away proceed to wash their baby’s face more frequently to get it clean of dirt and excess oil. Actually, this is the worst thing you can do because frequent washing inflames baby’s skin; remember baby’s skin is not the same as a grown child’s skin.

What is important is that you keep baby’s skin dry and uncovered. Make sure that all baby beddings and clothes are washed using non-allergenic detergents as well to prevent further irritation of the skin and aggravation of the condition. Remember, the cause is hormonal not dirt or oil so don’t go overboard and just keep baby’s facial skin area free from irritants and dry at all times.

Don’t despair if you wake up one day and find your baby with infant acne, don’t worry about it. The longest it will last is six months and after that you will again see your baby’s face with a beautiful smile surrounded by smooth, glowing and pink baby skin!

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