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Tips to How to Treat Baby Acne So That It Cures Fast Without Leaving Scars

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The question “How to treat baby acne?” is not yet answered clearly by doctors. Many scientists are still confused about the blemished skin of a newborn. Baby Acne is one of the trickiest forms to understand. Baby acne and its treatment has always been a contradictory section to deal with in total baby care.

Some researchers believe that baby acne is the result of hormonal imbalance in mother at the time of birth. Many other researchers believes that it is the result of medications taken by a mother while breast feeding.

Unfortunately, answer to it cannot be considered as right or wrong as there is no definite answer. But fortunately there are many ways suggested by skin specialists about acne baby treatment, through such measures baby acne can be prevented very well.

The softness and sensitivity of babies skin is a common fact. So baby skin care product should be selected very gently. The skin care products must be very mild and gentle to baby’s skin. If products are selected wrongly it might cause acne which shall than worsen baby’s skin.

“Prevention is better than cure”, so we should take every sort of preventive measures to avoid the appearance of acne on baby’s face.

For acne baby cure, while cleaning baby’s face after breast feeding proper care must be taken. Baby’s face must be cleaned gently. Acne on baby’s face cannot be scrubbed away like on adult’s face. We should not use hard and strong soap to clean baby’s face. It will be easier for parents to keep their child away from harsh acnes by taking such preventive measures.

Sometimes the best solution for, “how to treat baby acne?” shall be…….having patience. Sometimes acne on a newborn face gets cleared within two weeks, or a bit longer. It is very important that parents keep their child’s face clean and clear.

They should not apply various moisturizers on baby’s face which they apply for their own treatment. Medications which are very strong and which might cause agitation should not be applied on baby’s tender face.

Many parents get tensed and concerned by seeing the rash like appearance on babies face. They might even get tempted to consult a doctor for acne treatment.

The basic thumb rule is that you should just leave the acne alone without pinching or squeezing it. Just keep the tender skin clean and germ free. You may be tempted to apply some lotion of the other and may feel distressed at the sight of the acne, but the truth is that there are no exact medications available for the solution to the answer of “how to treat baby acne?”

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