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Preschool: “The First Step Into the World of Learning”

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In order to how to tell if your child is happy at school the best way would be to talk to the child on a day to day basis.

Preschool is the place where the child first goes to leaving his mother. Here he learns to interact with other children and make friends. It is also a place where the parent and the teacher have to work as a team whose main aim is to make the experience of the child a happy and constructive one.

Choosing a preschool is not an easy task as many things are involved like the general curriculum, the fees structure, hygiene, security and its location. The child at times do not want to share what had happened in class so the best way would be to encourage general discussions that would give out his feelings.

The questions that we put up for the child to answer should be such that the child has no option but give a detailed report. Like who are your friends in school you mostly mix up with during lunch time. Which period is your favorite one? What do u like best about your teacher etc?

Many times the school wants volunteer parents to spend some time with the children in school. This sort of an opportunity helps to give a feel about what the child feels about the school as well as we get an opportunity to see how the class teacher handles the class.

As the class teacher is the only person with whom the child spends almost 5 days so it’s understood that if there is any problem the teacher is the only one who is the best help, in dealing with it as she knows more about the situation then the parents.

The teacher of a preschool plays a very important role in forming the early days of the child into a lovely experience or a sad one. Meeting the teacher and seeing how the teacher deals with the children and how the children react to the directions given by the teacher proves a great help in evaluating how good the teacher is at handling the day to day troubles of the class. The answer that the teacher gives is very helpful for understanding if the child will be happy in the class or not.

Communication with the teacher is very important before deciding on any sort of compliant by the child. As it is the first time that the child is introduced to such an environment it will take him some time to get accustomed to it. Solving the problem by taking the teacher into confidence is much better than changing the school as by doing so we pass on the message to the children that problems should be worked out rather than avoided. This is the solution to “how to tell if your child is happy at school”

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