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How to Raise a Child Who Loves to Write Through Experimenting with Writing Tools

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Parents need not worry uselessly about how to raise a child who loves to write because most children love to express themselves.. To create a pre-school child into a writer, the toddler should be extended every opportunity to express their ideas through pen, chalk, paint and marker, etc.

At this stage, the child is beginning to formulate words that convey thoughts but has yet not fully developed motor skills which are required to form letters. During this phase, the parents should encourage their child that writing as an activity brings in unique rewards.

This should be followed by equipping the child with different writing tools such as crayons, pens, chalks, pencils and paints, etc. allowing the kids to familiarize themselves with these items. Even dough and modeling clay can be used to form alphabets. This also helps kids to develop motor skills.

For starters, white sheets / newspapers are ideal and inexpensive materials for children to fill-in the surface. Chalkboard, sidewalks and dry erase boards also serve the purpose. Parents should maintain journals as this example is followed by toddlers as they begin to share the enthusiasm of jotting down ideas.

Similarly, computers can be used as a tool where children can finger the keyboard which in a way helps them to practice writing. This, however, may not help them to craft words. At this stage, the child is learning that letters combine into words and phrases that convey thoughts.

Children should always be encouraged by parents. Whatever they scribble should be enthusiastically praised by parents as meaningful words of compliments peps up the child to try even harder. Playing games that develop writing skills creates an interest amongst toddlers and, in the long run, promotes good writing abilities.

Helping to nurture attraction for the written words goes a long way in creating love for composition skills. At this stage, when the child is beginning to master motor skills, the parents’ mission is to make writing a tool of fun and excitement.

There are various ways to encourage the child to write and the equipments used such as sand, glitter, cake sprinkles and cookie dough, to name a few, are items with which the child is familiar. These writing materials attract the child’s attention and generate a desire to scribble.

Mothers can make large flash cards with alphabets to form simple words. Then with thin ropes of clay the child can trace the words or letters on such cards. Not only does the child recognize the words, but playing with clay helps to build muscles in their fingers and hones their motor skills. By using such learning methods the parents can be stress free.

For parents, guiding their pre-school kids through the different development stages, involves lot of patience. They should plan in advance on how to raise a child who loves to write by formulating various methodologies helpful for achieving such a goal which is worth waiting for!

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