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There are Self-Explanatory Measures on How to Get Your Toddler to Listen

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How to get your toddler to listen is a pressing issue for parents. Babies don’t always listen and at their age require parental teaching on how to pay attention. Parents have a tendency to repeat and later when they lose patience they start bellowing. This condition the child not to listen till the punishment time draws close.

Though the child is not listening yet getting constant attention from parent leads to negative effects. On the contrary, if the parents are good listeners they can improve the toddler’s concentration enabling them to be more attentive to elders and mix freely with friends. Many strategies have evolved to keep the interest level of toddlers high that teaches them the skill necessary to become good listeners.

Parents should realize that reprimanding the child does not always have the desired effect. It is always better to squat down to the child’s height or pick up the toddler in arms and look into their eyes for better contact. This method teaches them to focus. They listen more attentively when the parents sit next to them while teaching or communicating.

The primary objective should be on the opening sentence being short and crispy. It is always better for parents to call their child by name and state messages simply. Before giving the directive, the child’s equilibrium should be restored as nothing sinks when the toddler is emotionally upset. As the kids are attuned to their atmosphere, it is necessary for the parents not to undermine each others authority. The follow through should be speedy to eliminate repetition of directive.

It often helps to follow the verbal statement with other kinds of messages. A visual or physical cue or demonstrating makes the child more responsive and attentive than verbal statements. If a child is happily involved with toys or friends, it often becomes difficult for parents to remove the child from that absorbing activity. In such cases, gentle guidance and some prior advance notice gives the child time for adjustment.

Motivating the child through humor, trust and affection produces better results. The child responds best when parents demonstrate their love by hugging and smiling to make the child feel special and highly wanted. Even when firmness is required, authoritative instructions do not mean that parents should be cranky. Such messages become powerful when accompanied by hug or a smile. Such activities make the child realize that paying attention is worthwhile.

Pre-school children are better listeners when they see that parents are listening respectfully and politely to whatever they are saying. It is always better to allow them to finish without interruption. This teaches them the value of listening and by constant display of affection, the parents understand the magic of how to raise a child who loves to write.

How to get your toddler to listen should not be much of a problem for parents who are good listeners and who realize that a child responds most to love and affection.

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