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The Honest Child: “Result of Years of Dedication, Patience and Perseverance”

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How to teach Honesty to the child is not an easy question to answer. An honest child is one who has a is fairness and straight forwardness of conduct The most challenging task of recent times is inculcating good values in children like honesty integrity and loyalty.

During their young years children do not understand the value of honesty and the result of being a dishonest person. It takes many years of patience and perseverance for a parent to instill these good values in the children.

Honestly can be taught to a child by citing examples from day to day activities of life. The child should be made aware that honestly is required in every sphere of life. Whenever we play games with children the rules of the games should first be explained to the children.

While playing it is necessary to observe the children and stop him if he is not following the rules, by telling him that by playing unfairly he is not being honest and nobody would like to play if the game is not fair.

It is very important to see how the child interacts while playing with other children. Interruption is required if he is not honest and correction as well as discipline should be done which passes a very strong message that dishonesty or unfair behavior is not acceptable.

As parents are the role model of a child it is very important for the parent to put into practice honesty in their lives as when children see or overhear the parent telling a lie to someone they may also do the same thinking it s acceptable.

Children should be encouraged to tell the truth and share their feelings as well as thoughts about things. In order to encourage the children to be honest about what is in their mind it is important that the children be confident that the parent shall not be critical or mad at the children.

Losing temper with a child on his telling lies does not help, instead it is advisable to explain to the child and guide him accordingly than just punishing or scolding him. This way he learns better. Another thing to keep in mind is to appreciate or praise a child for being honest. This is very important if we have scolded a child for lying, as praise always boosts the confidence.

It is very important to tell the children that walking on the path of honesty is not easy and being dishonest does give lot of gains but they are all temporary as along with dishonesty comes the downfall of the people who practice it like shoplifters and children who cheat during exams. But honest people are loved and respected all over the world and they live with their head held high as long as they are alive and they alone can give tips on “How to teach Honesty to the child”.


2 Responses to “The Honest Child: “Result of Years of Dedication, Patience and Perseverance””
  1. If you have enjoyed this half as much as I have, then you have enjoyed this twice as much as I’ve enjoyed it. Top stuff :-)

  2. You have a big point into this. and besides i think having a honest child is having a great and effective parenting strategy.
    Having a religious and god fearing values leads us to the great values and conduct including honesty. Great post… thumbs up!

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