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Steps to a Smooth Home Made Oat Meal Bath

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Homemade oatmeal bath is a great ingredient for newborn baby healthBathing a baby properly is very important and requires a great deal of skill. Mothers should learn the art of bathing her baby with the right kind of ingredients. It is the doctor who advises the right type bath for your bath. So when the doctor recommends the healthy bath oatmeal, there are two options for you. You can easily buy the readymade oatmeal bath product or prepare it for yourself. The second option is much cheaper.

If you are wondering how to make oat meal bath, here’s how you do it. The oat meal bath recipes are plenty. The most common one is as follows. There are different types of oat meals available in the market. Any variety will serve the purpose. Just pour it in your coffee grinder or food processor. Even a mixer grinder will do. Oat meal about 1/3 of a cup needs to be ground finely.

Next, the crushed oat meal needs to be mashed with the spoon so that no lumps remain. Lavender is known for its essence and soothing power. Add a few dry lavender buds to the oat powder. Choose your preferred essential oil and add to the mixture until all the ingredients mix well.

The home made oat meal bath is healthy, cooling and very soothing for the babies. The mixture that has been made in the blender now needs to be put into the bag of your coffee filter. Do not forget to tie the bag with a rubber band so that the paste does not spill out.

The tub now needs to be filled with lukewarm water. As the tub fills up with water, about a cup of milk must be mixed to it. As one proceeds with the oats bath it is almost suitable for eating. The oat bag now must be kept at the other end of the tub. As the water fills up the bag will get wet and the fragrance of the essential oil and lavender will gradually emanate. It is time for your baby to splash about in it.

The home made oat meal bath is good for the sensitive skin, skin rashes, itching throughout the body and other irritations of the skin. For extremely small babies you must be careful that your child doesn’t slip because the tub will turn slippery once the oat meal is blended with the water. Keep your baby in this water for about fifteen to twenty minutes .This is enough for the skin to absorb all that is required.

Pat the child dry and see him smile after a home made oat meal bath


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  1. essential oils are very soothing and they smell good too,`’

  2. the good thing about essential oils is that they are therapeutic and smells great-“:

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