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Hello Kitty Items – Items That Are Very Popular Among All Ages For Their Cuteness

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Hello Kitty items are based on the theme of hello kitty. Hello kitty is a cartoon character cat that has twinkling eyes. She was invented and promoted by a Japanese company known by the name of Sanrio in 1974.Sanrio is well known for making cute and adorable cartoon characters which are a favorite of people al over the world.

Hello Kitty as a character is very famous because of her ball shaped tail which is very fluffy and a red ribbon which she wears on the top of her left ear. Out of all the other charaters made by Sanrio Hello Kitty is the most successful.

The profile of Hello Kitty has many very sweet facts to tell us more about her, like her name is Kitty White. She was born in suburban London, England in 1974 on the 1st day of November. Her weight is equivalent to three apples and the height of five apples put together makes her height. She is a Scorpio and her favorite color is red.

She likes hot cakes puddings and candy and apple pie made by her mother Hello Kitty likes collecting, little goldfishes, lollies and little stars and ribbons for decorations and all cute things like herself.

She is very energetic as well as happy and cheerful by nature. She loves to makes new friends and meet new people which is the reason she is very popular in school. She is very fond of playing in the park. She plays Piano very well and her favorite sport is tennis and lastly her house is white which has a red roof.

There are different items that are made under the logo of Hello Kitty all over the world. Some of the items include Hello Kitty Bedding and Room Décor which has the wall border. Pillows which looks like Hello Kitty, Metal wall signs which come in a set of two, Comforter and Sheet set, Home Collection Blouson Valance as well as regular Valance, Couture Damask, sheep costume mascot, spring flowers night lamp, Pillow case and eye mask set and fleece and throw blankets are few of the items.

Hello Kitty jewelry includes bracelets, necklace, key rings, and earrings. Hello Kitty school accessories include Insulated Bottle with different colored jackets, Toddler Rolling Backpack, letter and key holder and lunch boxes.

Hello Kitty Clothes, shoes, Hats and T-shirts include tops, slippers, caps, scarves and mittens, gloves set and wrap towel. Hello Kitty toys include kitchen with light and sound, Bucket or pail, and magic hand mirror.

Apart from all this there are also purses, cosmetic cases, Varsity Vinyl Tote, Retro Purse, wallets of different colors, wine bottle case holder and eye glass case. The stationary items include pens and pencils, stamps and stickers.

Other items are clothing, wallets, fabrics, Polaroid camera, watches, portable cd players/stereos, handkerchiefs, cutleries, puppets etc. A Hello Kitty car was also built by a car company called Mira in Japan. Thus select any that catch your fancy and indulge the kid!


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  1. Krisie. says:

    Oh Dear
    i lerve hello kitty she is a cutie, ^_^
    There are also hello kitty toasters, :]

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