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Healthy School Lunch For Your Small Kids

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Coming up with a healthy school lunch idea for their kids that not only does well to their health but also meets their approval is a great challenge these days. The food which is almost never too eagerly granted is opposite to the kind of food that you would like them to eat is difficult to find. So if you are one of the harassed parents, desperately looking for a choice that you both could gladly settle for, then here are some delicious ideas that could make lunch fun. Read ahead…

One of the best foods that you can consider is jelly and peanut butter sandwich. Change their flavors and combinations every once in a while and use different kinds of breads to add a bit of variety to the regular lunch routine. Most kids trend to love them and you can prepare them easily and ensure your child’s good heath.

You can also consider opting for something from a vast range of salads. They are easy to prepare and are generally loved by the kids. Just keep the sauces and the vegetables handy, so you can prepare them fresh just before they leave for school. This way you prepare the lunch in a jiffy without having to opt for the unhealthy packaged foods. There are a number of varieties to try from so you can always have a delicious recipe at hand.

Vegetable noodles, pastas, Indian breads stuffed with vegetables, etc also make healthy school lunches. Learn the short cut recipes so that you can easily prepare kids lunch before school and pack them in lunch boxes that keep them warm. This offers a stylish variety to their usual lunch, and makes them happier.

If you are looking for healthy snack foods for kids, baked chips, pretzels, parmesan cheese flavored popcorns, etc: can also make great options. However, one problem with these kinds of food is that they are not as heavy as lunch should be for a child, and are comparatively low in nutrition value as well. A good idea is to add a boiled egg or something similar to the lunch box so that the overall combination tastes good and proves to be healthy too. You can also pack home made muffins that contain foods like carrot and pumpkins, for their lunch.

Apart from the above, you can easily make school lunch ideas healthier by simply adding a glass of juice, milk or buttermilk to your kid’s lunch bag. As far as possible prepare them fresh for greater health benefits. The good thing about liquid foods is that even when the child is too busy to have food properly, they can always spare a moment to gulp down the glassful of nutrition.

So use the above tips and add a few creative flavors and combinations for healthy school lunch recipes that you can continue preparing for years of their school life to come.


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  1. i think that we should focus more on healthy eating to avoid diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.’;

  2. Shower Radio says:

    healthy eating should be our top priority since there are many junk foods and foods with no nutritional value these days ,~~

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