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Getting Hooked to Harry Potter Computer Games

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If there is one thing that no Harry potter fan can resist , then it has to be a set of Harry potter computer games, that allows them to be a part of the Harry potter world and test their own ‘wizard-ing skills’ allowing the magical world of Hogwarts comes alive for them like never before!

Most of the Harry Potter pc games allow the players to get into the skin of their favorite characters and unlock the mysteries of the game which, more often than not, are also somehow also connected with the incidents of the story. Others may allow the player to play with a different approach, but in the same environment, fighting similar battles and facing similar challenges on the way.

The best thing about these games is that besides being entertaining, they also usually help enhance the strategic skills of the players. And since they tend to be extremely addictive and also challenging for the Harry potter fans (who love to flaunt and make the best possible use of their knowledge of the Harry potter’s world!), the players may often end up spending hours in front of the computer developing strategies and unlocking mysteries like never before!

Parents can also use these games to benefit their children the other way round. For instance, if a child is a computer game addict, but hardly likes to read, a very smart move would be to introduce the child to the game and allow him/her to play Harry Potter games for a while. Once they start getting hooked to the game, introduce the idea of reading the Harry potter books to them so they see an incentive in going through those novels. For any kid who is addicted to computer games, the very incentive of being the best at a game is more than enough to make him reach for the books too!

However, it is suggested that you opt for the well known and the good quality games, since a bad game can ruin the excitement easily. A luck based game with few strategic needs, or unintelligent Harry Potter the video games, with little reference to the story line usually don’t succeed in keeping an avid gamer hooked to the computer for long. People quickly get tired of such games, and what is worse is the fact that they do not even help in development of skills. So select Harry potter computer games carefully, to make the perfect ‘potion’ for the child’s amusement and skill development!


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  1. i like computer games that are first person shooting and strategy games .

  2. Catnip Cat says:

    sometimes you got to taper down on playing too much compter games coz it is quite addictive “*:

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