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Handy Hints on Bathing a New Born Without Being Scared

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New Born Baby First BathBathing a new born can give new mother jitters! A new born child is tender and mothers are often nervous when they bathe their new born. The soap makes the hand slippery and the risk of the baby slipping off is always there. Learning a few tips on bathing a new born will free them of the undesirable fear.

While you are giving a new born a bath, speaking to him and keeping an eye contact, is important. The reassuring touch of the mother is important for the child and this is how the baby learns to feel secured in the presence of the mother and gradually a bond develops between the two.

Bathing newborns is always trying. Getting the baby accustomed to oil, soap and water is not easy. Not all babies like the feel of water on their dry bodies. Many of them dislike the baby oils on their skin.

Massaging the baby’s body is important as it will strengthen the muscles and improve his blood circulation. This is enjoyed by most babies. Selection of the oil for the massage must be made carefully because some babies are allergic to certain oils and even creams.

The baby’s tender skin is not meant for rough handling. Very soft circular motions must be made while massaging. If the child enjoys the bath it will be an easy task for the mother. Always remember to cover the ears of your baby while giving it a bath to prevent water from entering.

In order to understand how often to bathe a new born you must consider the weather and the age of the child. Usually the doctors advise only one bath a day for the new born baby. For a new born, bathing it in warm water is better.

Try to bathe a new born in a place where there isn’t much breeze. A sudden drop in temperature may be dangerous for a new born. Chances are that the baby will catch a cold. It is best to avoid bathing a new born baby on a rainy or windy day. As soon as the bath is over make sure that you wrap the baby up in a towel and dry his body fast. It is only during he got season that your baby may need a second bath.

While you are learning how to bathe a new born it is also essential to know with what to bathe him. Normally the sponge is the safest for the baby’s soft skin. A soft rub on the body will keep it sufficiently clean. Your new born baby does not need a bath everyday. In fact you must make sure that there isn’t much loss of heat from the infant’s body. You will definitely benefit if you follow these tips on bathing a new born.

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