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The Charm of Glenna Jean Bedding

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The exclusive world of Glenna Jean bedding has been catering to the little ones for more than three decades. The charm of Glenna Jean baby bedding has made it one of the top rankers in the juvenile industry. It is most the respected and sought after brand in USA.

The company uses the best fabric, employs best crafts personnel in customizing each piece of bedding for the child. It specializes in toddler baby bedding as well as baby bedding crib sets combing utility with aesthetics and affordability.

Online there is wide range Glenna Jean bedding sets to choose from. Mention of few themes will whet the appetite for happier clicking hours on the Internet. The bonus point is that these can be easily washed in the machine and after baby grows it is worth tucking away as a family heirloom piece. Any visitor to the nursery will be duly impressed.

The Ashley Glenna Jean theme crib bedding consists of comforter, bumper padding, fitted sheet and dust ruffle. The polka dots spread across butter and mocha fantasy on a mixture of cotton laced with velvet with embroidered trimmings of pom poms and fringe create an ambience of playfulness.

The Emma Glenna Jean crib bedding collection was a new entry and has made its debut in the autumn of 2008. The dominant theme is a floral design against a cocktail of muted colours. Various types of fabrics have been used.

The Little Diva Glenna Jean theme also debuted recently this fall. It is a dream in sheer pink blending with white. The textures are marvelous and awesome.

The Glenna Jean Madison is a modern classic that combines charm with sophistication as it blends traditional motifs into taffeta, cotton toile and velvet that all taper into fuzzy tassels and pom poms.

The Glenna Jean Aspen theme is classy and beautifully trimmed with traditional cord trimmings. The fabric consists of rich velvet and plaids that are woven on straight lines.

The Glenna Jean Spa crib set comes in shades of celadon, aqua and mocha that make a remarkably stunning and yet soothing place for the little one. It comes with coordinated accessories like quilt, sheet, bumper and dust ruffle – thus giving the child a style of its own.

In Glenna Jean Lucy baby bedding set the magic of spring has been with finely embroidered rosebuds on tulle and satin, velvet as well as moir combining to give a stunning patchwork finish.

The reviews rave about the Glenna Jeans miracle. One mother says she settled for it after searching the best for her baby in a radius of 75 miles. Finally she went online and was thrilled when the Glenna Jean bedding parcel arrived.


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